Starting to wonder about this tent

ok, so i have an agromax 10x10 tent. I set up an under current rdwc(12 13 gallon buckets) system with 4 1000 watt air cooled lights, dehumidifier, ac, c02, etc… day temp was 83-79(veg/flwr), night time 68-64…humidity was 60%/40%. ph was always good. 5.8-6.3, ec was always good, roots were bright white. heavy yielding strain. scrog… out of 12 plants i got 2.75 lbs. i’ve heard theses tents could have something to do with the low yield. anyone have any idea?

I don’t see why the tent itself would be the reason. Wouldn’t light leak be the main concern with a tent. could be you didn’t vegg long enough. do you have any pictures? Those could help figure out the problem

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Are you training … your temps seem a little high for resiviors to reach

yeah i had 2 screens… and yeah, its 98-105 degrees where i’m at in the summer … usually 77 max

something about gassing off from when it was manufactured. i built frame around the tent and covered it with foam panels, then put 6mil black plastic over the whole thing and duct taped it to the floor. they vegged for longer than current culture says to, 6weeks… they looked huge… i lollipopped the bottoms also

In all of your pics , the plants look young…
Your harvesting too early , I’d bet…
You need to let them finish…
So much more weight to be had if these pics are of harvest… :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:
No less then 9 weeks from light flip… are first sign of flower’s…
Some strains will take up to 16 weeks to finish from light flip…


I concur with Ser Fuzz. If this is before u harvested, u chopped way too early. Tons of white pistils and bud development left undone…


If 3.6 ounces per plant is a low yield, I’ve got some studying to do.

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with the current culture setup i should be getting 8 oz per plant

What kind of lights? Actual draw of your lights, if they’re led?

And like others pointed out, it looks like you harvested 2-4 weeks early.

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at 1/2 gram per watt thats @6 oz per plant

Is this your first grow using this system? If so, hitting those grams per watt takes a lot of dialing in and experience.

Over 3oz per plant isn’t terrible.


I’d be happy with 3 oz/plant, but my setup was small. Depends on the setup/lighting, I guess.

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All visble questions. Answer a few n we’ll help.

Veg time?
Flower time?
Lights? Wattage?
First grow?


the pics are not necessarily right before harvest… this pic is right before harvest. i didn’t chop too early…


Looks like a sugar leaf u wanna look at calyxes tricomes


i’m pretty sure that is a calyx…the trichomes were pretty even as far as turning amber. 80% of the hairs had turned also…and it had been almost 70 days. if i was seeing amber trichomes everywhere I couldn’t have harvested too early… no way for that to be the reason for the lower yield. the flowers were real dense, they just didn’t get very big. no forearm sized colas… a bunch of fists though…maybe i left too many bud sites to get real big colas but that shouldn’t hurt the overall yield… i was running rdwc… my ec at its highest was like 1.2 followed current cultures mix pretty closely…?

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If you still got 20 % white hairs and your showing amber …I’d say its dwfinatlry a sugar leaf then…

Sometimes they will throw new pistils but if all didn’t even transition yet … then I’d say you need to almost pull the buds apart look inside and snap a tric shot that’s your best indicator inside the bud not in direct light ih feel …light can speed up ripening or “anmber” and they will slowly loose potency after that point all cloudy is the highest thc content no necessarily what one is looking for buzz wise but still light and heat degrade thc so think about it sugar leaves are out in direct light to photosynthesize for the bud so it makes since the sugar leaves ripen up a lil quicker