Starting seeds question

Is there any reason not to start seeds in the same container they will live out their lives in?

I start my seeds by wet paper towel there are different methods to this but I like the poo paper towel method.
Anyway when they break seed you place them in their own growing containers. If you but them together the roots will get entangled and not grow. Always in there own containers.


I have started them both ways. For my current grow I soaked them both 24 hours in water and put 1 in paper towels like Will said until the taproot was showing. The other I placed straight into my rockwool cube (hydro grow) with the pointy side down and no root. They both sprouted just fine :smile:

Edit: clarified a little.

I have read that for autoflowers it’s a good idea NOT to transplant. Photos no big deal.
I soak my auto seeds in a glass on the DVR (warm) in filtered water. Then I place them about a half inch directly in the containers. I keep the soil moist until they pop. I’ve had great success.

No no no, I mean placing my seed in a 5 gallon container and never transplanting it. Not auto.

I think for non autoflower varieties that conserving space is an issue until they show gender. 5 gallons is a lot of container for potential males.

Ok, I have to ask…can you clarify “poo paper towel”… the obvious is apparent, I’m just wondering if there is another definition you may be referring to.

That was just a type O dude…lmao

Dude? Does my screen name not indicate that I am a “Doll”. I am greatly relieved by your answer! :skull_crossbones:

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I’m very sorry, I didn’t notice my error :blush:
Won’t happen again…



Good to see you back Will!

Speaking of starting seeds, the date planted was 3/3, the picture was taken today…

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Good to be back.
Ya looken good there my friend. Now what strain are they ?

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17 days to sprout! I’ve never seen anything like that before

Ya thats crazy mine pop open in 17 Hr…lol