Starting plants in coco coir

Can I start my babies in my tent in coco coir? When ready to transplant put them in soil of my choice. How would you germinate it in the coco coir?

Coco works great for starting seeds. I actually bake mine at 325 for 60 min to sterilize it before planting. To germinate, i soak the seeds in a cup of distilled water with a cap ful of h202. After 24 hrs i place them in a damp paper towel between two saucer and put it somewhere warm like on top of the cable box etc. I then wait for them to sprout tails.


This is my preferred method.

Germination is done in a custard cup with distilled water and 1/4 tsp of 3% peroxide. Stays in water until tail shows then into slightly damp coco.