Starting new grow closet

Trying this all for the first time. This is my first attempt at a grow “closet”. It’s 3x3x6. I have basically no budget and I save lots of stuff for rainy days… used 2x4 for a frame. 2x3 Scrog frame half way up. Getting everything else gathered together to set up. I want to do bag seed first before I spend the money on some autos. I’m doing this for the medical side of it. I’ve never smoked before. Will be used for edibles instead. I’m excited to start!


The “door” is an old air mattress cover off a frame. It works good for a zipper style door. The duct tape slit is to enter closet. So it’s almost like 2 doors… lol. Waiting for a friend’s harvest to finish so I can get a few seeds to start.

I like it… what kind of lighting will you be using

A mix of CFL and LED. I lined the walls with aluminum foil for reflect. Once I get things moving I’d like to get real grow lights.

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I would go with mylar blankets instead of foil. They are cheaper, reflect light better, and cover a bigger area. I got mine at walmart for $2 6’x4’ blanket.


You can order mylar online for $4.95 basically those emergency blankets mine came as a for pack and it only too 2 to entirely cover my 36"x21"x52" closet. I started from scratch too just remember temperature and ventilation go hand in hand


Thanks @Viktor7 . Yea I understand the humidity part from hatching chicken eggs.

Picked up a blue Led bulb and a red one at walmart to try. Got me a set of nutes. And a little Jiffy starter dome. Gigiddy gigiddy.

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Picked up 2 hoods from old lights at work today. About 3’ each. Now to set it up for the light bulb fixtures.

hit a jackpot today. Went to DG to return a Redbox and there garden stuff was buy 1 get 2 free! MG was 50% off as well and a guy I was helping move gave me a FL shop light! God is good!

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my led bulbs I’ll be using along with some CFL for beginning.

am going to put in this modified water heater thermostat so it won’t get to hot. Hook it up with an extra fan.

This is some weird stuff. Straight up spiderman and Venom. Lol. This was a little tiny mushroom one day. The nest day I seen it and it grew about a 3 inch stem and made this thing at the end. Weird.

Have everything ready but beans. Tomorrow should be the lucky day!

This is my intake and exhaust to start off with till I get going. The bucket is the exhaust and will be filled with carbon sticks and dryer sheets.

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My 2 fans to start. Need to lay down some mylar on the floor yet.