Starter substrate what to use

So bbn I started my seeds in the raid root plugs but what should I put them in afterwards? I will be putting them in solo cups. What works best for you? I put the last round in FFOF soil and did good, but just wondering what everyone else is going with.

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24 hour seed soak in water, straight to solo cup of FFOF, 3 gallon pots at around 3 weeks :slight_smile:

I use frog instead of ocean.

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If you want to stay with soil, FF OF is a good choice. I’ve seen several people in soil use FF Happy Frog. Happy Frog isn’t quite as hot as OF. FF HF will allow you start your own nutrients sooner than OF. If you are considering Coco Coir then just keep in mind that you will need to water more often than soil. Also requires starting nutrients a lot sooner. Soil is more forgiving of mistakes than coco. I use a 50/50 mixture FF OF and FF Coco Loco .Coco Loco is similarly buffered and amended as OF. It is a mixture of coco and Forest Hummus. Not necessarily recommending it, but I like it enough to keep using it.
Edit: I realized that it sounded like I was downing coco. There’s a lot of advantages of Coco. It also allows you to be in complete control over what your plants get as far nutrients.