Stalled development

I have been growing these Dosey Doe auto flowers for almost 3 months. Development seems to have stalled. They are not getting any larger nor are the flowers getting any larger. I have nine of these and they are all in the same stage of development but the flowers are not maturing, the small white hairs are staying white and the tri-combs are staying clear and milky no Amber at all. I quit fertilizing and flushed for two weeks with no change so I have once again started bloom fertilizing in 3 gallon bags with perlite Coco as the medium. They are in an outdoor greenhouse and look beautiful they just are not developing or ripening. Any thoughts or ideas? Of course, I don’t mind leaving them grow but as far as time they should have been done by now.


Patience, grasshopper. The flower looks great. Most plants will be ready for harvest 8 to 10 weeks from the date the plant started flowering.

It’s not time to look at trichomes until the white pistils brown and recede back into the buds. You are not going to see trichs change until the plant is >8 weeks into flowering.


The “stall” a few weeks into flower, to me, is more psychological than an actual stall. A lot of work going on within the flowers. Like @MidwestGuy said, patience is key. Unless they start showing deficiencies or toxicities, wilting or curling, or something along those lines, keep doing what you’re doing. That’s a nice buds you got in that pic!!!


thanks for the response. These are auto flowers and by my figuring should’ve been done a week or two ago. I’m on no schedule but just thought it very odd that they had completely stalled

thanks for your response. I am content to wait as long as it takes.

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You are probably going by the seed sellers cited times. The way they state the time leads growers to an assume an incorrect harvest date. The flowering times cited are not time from seed to harvest, it is actual time in flowering (usually 8 to 10 weeks.) The clock starts at the beginning of flower (when pistils first appear at the tips of the plant) and it is not time from seed.

On what date did your plant start flowering? Add 8 to 10 weeks from that date and you’ll have your estimated harvest date.