Spudgunner's Clone Grow

Lawn mowing tomorrow, if it stays dry.
Planting every and any seed available in any open dirt spot.
Explosion desired.

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And here are the cellar dwellers, down to 5!

There are 4 Mighty Quin, long and lanky.

And a Sleepy Joe nestled in the middle of them. I need to put it on a booster. And supercrop the other 4 before flipping soon, I’ll run outta room pretty quick if they stretch any!

All of the others have been gifted/bartered (a dozen total), with me keeping 9 (these 5 and the 4 outside).

Next up will be the tent ladies, might even pull out the microscope for some trich shots!


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Today was the day I remembered to take my phone to the garage! Picture of the tent ladies time!

I checked back a few posts, looks like I flipped them to 12/12 on March 21st, so 10 weeks ago Thursday. They’ve sure grown up since then!

Front right is the Mighty Quin, middle left is the Sleepy Joe, and back right is the polyploid Sleepy Joe.

I supercropped the polyploid a few places. I’ve tried tying her, she just doesn’t want to be constrained! Flops all over the place, supercropped herself on a few branches! I can’t take her out of the tent anymore, she just falls over and gets kinky. Well, one more time :axe: :axe:

Bud shots of her!

Can see where I bent her over when she was getting too close to the light.

Bud shots of other Sleepy Joe

And the Mighty Quin, just before she goes back in the tent. At least I have one strong enough to pull out! Well, I guess the other SJ is too, just don’t need to!

Here’s some trich shots of the polyploid Sleepy Joe in the back corner. First 3 shots are from her.

Trichs on the other Sleepy Joe

And a shot of the Mighty Quin.

All look in the window, especially the Mighty Quin. Heard somewhere that CBD plants shouldn’t get too much amber, and it’s 11% CBD and 10% THC.

Oh yeah, last Saturday I snipped off a branch off the polyploid that had bent right in half and was dying. Hung it to dry, and today rolled 3 joints from the 4 buds, plus enough ground for a few bowls in the vape pen! Super sticky and really nice smelling (which is saying something, since I can’t smell much!). Smoking that tonite with SIL, going to see grandson at dinner!


Looking fantastic my friend, enjoy your evening :grinning: hope the smoke is awesome :ok_hand:


Very nicely done Growmie Pharm is looking fantastic



Great photo log

Thanks @VirginiaGrowBoy @Bunger64 and @Dennis62 for the compliments!

The Sleepy Joe samples were great! A bit of a chlorophyll taste, but to be expected without any cure time. Once she is cured tho, she’s gonna be fantastic!


So yesterday afternoon went in and dragged that polyploid in the corner out. She was trying to lie on the ground, flailing her limbs around, kicking and screaming to stay in the tent! Nope, flopped her up against the freezer all bent over, and went at her. :astonished:

Spent about an hour trimming most of her fans off. As I trimmed, had to roll her along the freezer as the pot spun, just to get at her branches. I was too gooied up to use my phone for pics, but she’s hanging by her toes in the cellar now!

Next day or so I’ll chop the Mighty Quin, then the other Sleepy Joe. Once the tent is free, I’ll drag up the 5 cellar dwellers and make them tent ladies. Give them another 3 weeks of veg as they are starting to take off after the transplant, and the big light will really help them too. Flip end of June, lights on at night, maybe I’ll be able to beat the heat and keep it in the low 90’s this year, lol!


Well, crappy day outside today, had sideways rain for a while! The outside ladies DID NOT like it one bit, their fans were up protecting branches like we throw our arms up when facing into a strong wind. Crazy. So it was indoor plant love today. IF you call chopping another one down “love”!

Chopping the Mighty Quin today, so took her out, disconnected her autopot from the line, leaving just the last Sleepy Joe. Here she is, all alone in the tent! Dialed the light up a bit since she’s a touch shorter.

Don’t know if she’s going to fatten up, her bud structure is more long and stretched than the other SJ already hanging.

Cue little buds tho!

Mighty Quin before her pre-chop trim, with flash.

Super sticky with lots of trichs!

After the trim

And all the plant matter. Little buds on the freezer are ones that fell off, the “samplers”!

Down to the cellar with her!

Mighty Quin on left, Sleepy Joe chopped June 2nd on right.

Sleepy Joe shot since I missed taking pics on chop day.

So one left in the tent…once she’s gone, the cellar dwellers get promoted. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll scope her trichs again and see!

Grow on, grow fam!



We may float away if this weather keeps up.
For the plants you are “hanging” when was their “last” watering and feeding?
Just asking for a friend.

Nothing will “dry” in this weather, for sure.

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These were run with autopots, so constant food and water! I halved the amount of nutes a few weeks ago (Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect), but even when I hand water plants, I always feed right up to chop day.


Busy day today! Chop chop on the last Sleepy Joe OG! A before-the-deed shot…

…and an after-the-deed shot.

And she’s now hanging in the cellar by her toes!

Speaking of cellars and those that dwell there, it’s Promotion Day! Yay! Off to the land of the Bright Light! Was able to lower the light about a foot or so, and also turn it down a touch. Getting DLI readings in the high 20’s, I’ll leave it there for a week while they get used to this spectrum/intensity. Then I’ll turn it up for a week and flip to 12/12.

Corner plants are Mighty Quin, center plant on a booster seat is a single Sleepy Joe.

Since these aren’t in autopots, I’ll be hand watering these. Going to try a new nute line recommended by @OGIncognito , Mega Crop. It’s WAY cheaper than the Advanced Nutrients, so I want to try this on these plants and the 4 outdoor plants. Mixed up an 18 liter bucket with just under a tablespoon of the stuff, made enough to give these 5 and the 4 outside 1.5 liters each, and a liter for each of my 4 tomato plants.


:tada::tada::tada: harvest congrats Brother! I don’t think you can go wrong with the Mega Crop, so far it’s working great for me :love_you_gesture:


So far, so good! Love that it’s only 1 part, dump it in the bucket and fill, can’t get any easier than that! And about an 1/8 of the cost of AN nutes to boot!


One of the main reasons I decided to try it and it’s loaded with primary and secondary nutrients. Like you said…it doesn’t get any easier than that :love_you_gesture:


So, today is the day Sheba went in to get spayed. Hard night for her last night, no food or drink after 10pm. Food wasn’t a issue, but it’s been hot here the last few days, and she was panting most of the night. Took her in this morning and weighed her, 61 pounds now! And she’s only 6 months old!

But with her gone for the day, gave me a chance to do some jail time! The Sleepy Joe polyploid came down on June 2nd, and today she got manicured, weighed, and jarred! Not a bad haul off of her, about 5-1/2 ounces.

Not super tight buds, and I don’t trim every little bit of green off them, but super nice smelling and crystally.

And look what was in the bottom of the trim bin!

Add that to my film container of kief, I think it’ll be full after the next two plants get trimmed and jarred.

So, 7 jars go up to the office so that they can get burped daily for a week or 2 before joining the others on the rack in the cellar! And I got a stuffed jar of trim which will get an Everclear bath later this summer when things warm up and I et around to processing things.

Oh, and the 5 ladies in the tent look like they grew a bunch yesterday! Don’t think it was the food, probably more the light they are getting now. I’ll give them a week, maybe supercrop them, maybe not. No real plan this time, just want to see how the new nutes work. Tent will get hot, so I might flip sooner rather than later. Only God knows, and He’s out back hotboxing the Volkswagen bus!

Grow on folks!


Hell yeah :fire::fire:. Well done Brother, put another sweet run in the books :love_you_gesture:


Thanks @OGIncognito ! And that’s only the first (and biggest tho) plant! Still have the Mighty Quin, probably 4 oz off her, and another 4 off of the second SJOG!

Last night I smoked the “sampler” buds of both the Sleepy Joe and the Mighty Quin. Had 2 j’s of SJ, one at the end of first period, other at the end of the second. Nice taste for being fresh and green. Had the MQ after the game, I think it will be a good one for anxiety!

Those 7 jars will be good around Christmas, at least a 5 month cure. I’m smoking Death Bubba now from May 30, 2023 harvest and it is really smooth.


Wow!! Your stash should last you a minute. Excellent on the smoke that’s been curing for a year. I love a good Sativa especially if I can a buzz from back in the day :love_you_gesture:


Yeah, I should take stock of what I have. Each jar holds around 3/4 to 1 oz, depending on how much I crammed in each! Might have 20 or 30 jars left? I know I have about a dozen jars where the tops got burned by the light, they aren’t moldy but the buds seemed to have died…that will all get used for QWET and baking. I have some jars from 2022 still, very smooth and nice tasting, I just don’t care much for the light buzz! But a jar lasts me almost 2 weeks, so I have a nice supply of cured weed, and more coming!