Spudgunner's Clone Grow

I grow for my family. Sisters are all nuts. They all suffer from something LOL so I give them all the weed

Until last month I hadn’t smoked in over 35 years. A simple 1/8 will last me 6 months. My problem is I smoked two packs a day (cigarettes) for 30 years.

I take one hit off the bowl of weed and go into a coughing spell for 45 minutes shooting boogers out my nose and almost :poop:’ing myself. Kind of makes you want to stop for another 30years


I get ya, last fall I got pneumonia for a month, now have scarring on my lungs. Gone from an oz every couple of weeks to maybe a 1/4 every couple, now using a dry herb vape, altho I’ll still smoke a joint to get the full flavour and effect of a new strain (after a long cure). My SIL smokes daily, and I’ll flip him an oz once in a while. And my niece has seizures so I have a few jars for her, just haven’t gone up to the interior to visit and drop some off for her!


Man that sounds so much easier than hand feeding!!


Loving that autopot yeah?


I just thinned them the other day, look now, they need it again! Think I’ll flip them today after coffee! I just hope the growth rate continues like this thru flower!


Flipped! Lights were 7am to 1am, now 9am to 9pm. Nice having several timers, can program one and then swap it in, and reprogram that one for the clones.


So after a defol 5 days ago (and more clones taken), flipped 2 days ago, and these things are STILL huge! The clones from the other day and other week, they are still alive in the King Clone, but no roots have started sprouting. So I figured what the hell, take more leaves off and take more clones! Took 4 Sleepy Joe cuts and put them in Promix, another 5 or so soaking in a jar of water. Also 4 more Mighty Quins in Promix and 4 more in water. Somethings gotta grow!


Hey @HippieRunner1 I just saw coverage on our local news about Barkleys. A BC guy from Chilliwack conquered it this year, was wondering if you competed in it, either this year or previous years?

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Today I had to take the ladies out of the tent. Somewhere something is stuck open, water on the floor from the autopots.Couldn’t mop it up because it was under the styrofoam. So out they came, one at a time, and another drastic hair cut. A bunch more cuttings into dirt, and some in a jar of water, see if they root!

Wanted to wait before doing another defoliation, that’s the 4th or 5th heavy pruning in 2 weeks! This time it was limbs, anything growing up the middle, and that 1 main branch that split when I did LST on one (it was still wilted, first time duct tape has failed me!). Still lots left tho!

Pics later, probably tomorrow.


And here are the pics! Major defol done, should have just stripped it the first time, but, hey, it’s really hard to get in there! Had to take them out of the autopots to find the leak, so that was the perfect time to hack them!

This is the Sleepy Joe on the right of the tent, the one that is polyploid.

This is the SJ on the left

And the Mighty Quin. Snapped one of the top branches the other day, cut it off yesterday as it was limp and wilty.

And how the tent looks now

I’ll probably have to do another strip of them in a few weeks, they aren’t slowing down! Hope this growth continues when they bud!


And here are the cuttings I took. No pics of the ones I planted straight in dirt…I don’t think they will make it, really wilted. Which makes sense, these plants were drinking a LOT, and then to just put cuttings straight into dirt…they are thirsty! So only pics of those in the cloner, others in jars of water, and some smaller cuttings I put into dirt (half of which are wilting, a few looking good tho!).

Some look good, some don’t. Good thing I only need 4 survivors!

Three have roots coming out, they’ll live! A few others look good, almost ready to root.

And a couple of these are looking really good still, and I think there are about 9 in the 2 jars (3 Mighty Quins in one, 6 Sleepy Joes in the other)


@DEEPDIVERDAVE @kaptain3d @Dennis62 @Jonesy287 @TMC.PRE @VirginiaGrowBoy @Bunger64 @Docnraq @Bentstick

Well, had a bit of time today to look after the cellar dwellers. The clones are a rootin’!

The blue plugs are Sleepy Joe clones and the red plugs are Mighty Quin.

So I mixed up some Promix with some fresh nutes I made for the autopot (getting low again!), mixed the 3 base nutes, took out 1/2 gallon for the clone mix before adding Big Bud and Bud Candy for the res. Added another 1/2 gallon of water to the mix then added it to the dry Promix, got it nice and moist. Then filled 5 one-gallon pots with it.

Mighty Quin going in! Roots are about 8" long, pretty hairy!

This sleepy Joe had roots about a foot long, coil and stuff as gently as I can!

Another hairy one…

So here are the 2 Mighty Quins in the one gallons, as well as 2 others that were cut last week and dropped straight into Promix with some rooting compound (no soak or spray), and they lived! Will transplant them into 1 gallon pots in a week or so, once they get rootbound.

And then the 3 Sleepy Joes, along with 2 more that went directly into mix.

In the back, you might be able to see a jar of water with several more cuttings in there.

Not pictured is the dome with the T5 light on it with more cuttings, both in jars of water and some in Promix. Several had definitely not rooted (ie DIED!), but that’s to be expected. No hard feelings on my part!

So I have what, 9 clones that should all live, and maybe another 6 or 12 that might root out in a few days (many have small roots showing, just not enuff to plant yet)? The plan is to put my 4 legal plants outside for the summer, maybe give the SIL his 4 legal plants for his dad’s place, and any others will be (illegally) in the tent if not too hot June/July to flower, or flower as cellar dwellers if it is too hot.

If I have more that root out, and probably will, @Jaysittinback does your buddy in Langley want any? If not, I’ll get piggish and flower them all! Bwahahahaha!


I got one clone from the batch I was trying.

Seem to have lost the four ILGM-Afghans
Expect this to be the fifth Middle).

Re-veger candidate

on bottom.
Cut and hung the top.


Very nice, been thinking of playing with some cloning, for give aways, and if I find something the wife really likes, but damn I have enough seeds for a few yrs, and wife’s cuz is bring a pint and quart jar of her late husbands seeds have no idea what they may be.


You did a lot of work and it shows!


Once I get another rent I would like to try my hand at keeping a mama and clipping clones. !!


Awesome root growth Growmie cant beat that, critical in my notes. Root porn


@Bentstick yeah I have a dozen or so seeds left, but these 2 strains I’m hoping I really like…34% for one and 11/10% CBD/THC on the other. Always searching for good meds and a knock-me-out high! Also hate dropping $100 here and $100 there, growing should be free and easy!

@VirginiaGrowBoy doesn’t take much to snip the cuttings and drop them in a machine! This was stuff I was going to compost otherwise, in fact I did chuck about 20 other shoots which could have been clone material but I’m not greedy (ok, I am, but still!). It just looks like I work hard! Which I probably do, but in 30 minute spurts with days of rest between!

I don’t keep a mother plant per se @Jonesy287, the donors got flipped to 12/12. In 4 or 5 weeks, I’ll probably be taking cuttings off of these! No room to keep a mother going! You don’t need much, a jar of water works well under a small T5 light. Try it, got nothing to lose, it’s all branches that you would chuck out anyways!

@Bunger64 Thanks bro! There are still 3 or 4 just starting to root, I’ll give them another week or so until they get a good root system on them. More coming!


No reason to wait.
Practice, start early.
Cuttings removed during shaping are “free”.


When I get these photos going next I’m going to have to try this clone thing!!! I should’ve done it with my koolaid breath and my PBxC😳