Spudgunner's Clone Grow

Well, 2 seeds have sunk, no tails, but the floater has cracked with a small tail. Transferred to a wet paper towel until tomorrow, when I will put into dirt.

Still bored, so I soaked another 3 seeds! Screw this being legal crap, it’s not fun!


So I transferred the seeds from water to wet paper towel last night, and today all 3 had tap roots showing. So washed out some pots, got some ProMix ready, and buried them. Have them on a heater pad, piece of cardboard cuz that thing gets quite warm, and into the seedling tray under the 17w T5 florescent light.

Just behind them are the cellar dwellers in the cardboard “tent” lined with Tyvek white reflective material, and my old cheap light. Cheap and homemade, but fits in a corner of the crawlspace which only has 4’8" clearance, so…make do with what ya got!

These ladies popped above the dirt one month ago on October 9th. I thought they were showing their sex 5 days ago, nope, they’re all starting to flower!

They’re gonna be shorties, currently about 8" tall. Hopefully can get in the big tent in a week or two, but they have room and light here for a while. Transplanted them 5 days ago to 1 gallon containers, think I’ll end up with 9 in the 4x4 so I need space to move around and water them. That’s after the freshly planted seeds join them, and the other 3 I soaked a day or two ago, which will join the 3 fresh ones under the T5 for a while.

Anyways, let’s look at Medgom at 216 days above dirt. Lights out at the moment.

Used a flash for these pics, buds are filling in a bit, but definitely won’t be hard nuggets. But bud is bud, and free medicine for my niece, sure she won’t complain!

And a trich shot from my magnifier…

…taken from this bud! Lots of sparkly goodness, sticky and aromatic.

Gonna be a bitch to trim all the leaves off her, probably take me a couple days just before I chop. WPM hasn’t reappeared, but got 2 x 8-packs of h2o2 and a couple things of lemon juice, just need to get a big box of baking soda so I can do the 3-part wash on her. But that’s next week or so, once I get better and not feel wiped after 20 minutes of light activity

Grow on all!


Guess it’s update time! Finally starting to feel better from this damn pneumonia, slept in the bed last night, first time after 26 days sleeping upright downstairs.

Plant-wise, spent an hour yesterday trimming Medgom of a lot of her leaves in preparation of chop sometime next week. Man, my fingers were so sticky and stinky after her haircut, can’t wait to try her! Broke of a dozen small nuggets in doing so, they will be my taste-testers. Here’s what she looks like now…

Crappy pics with light out and flash on, I’m definitely not the best picture taker, for sure!

Now down to the cellar to see how they are stacking up. The 3 Bear Dance autos are doing well, centre one is 12" tall now, other two are 8" and 9", so I put them on boosters after I took these pics (doing things ass-backwards as usual!). Checked DLI, it’s close to 40 on middle tall girl, and low 30’s on the other 2. Lights still 18/6.

Hopefully good things come in small packages!

And remember when I got bored the other day and dropped 3 seeds, then was still bored so I dropped 3 more? All 6 cracked and sprouted tails…these are Bruce Banner autos from last summer when one nannered on me, they should be Feminized autos too.

Sitting on the heat pad, lots of warmth and moisture in there for them. So far, 4 have broken surface, others were only buried a couple days ago, so tomorrow they should be saying “High” to me!

I’m curious if anyone else has seen yellow sprouts? @noddykitty1 @DEEPDIVERDAVE @dbrn32 @kaptain3d @Bunger64 @robert365 @Graysin Two of the 4 topside are green, and 2 came up pale. Still growing, hoping they green up.

Well, that’s my update for now, gonna test the hottub and get it dialed in. Need a soak today or tomorrow, maybe even a puff if I feel better!


I have a helmet head (assisted removal) that is perpendicular to soil and gray, still, after 3 days. A second has a yellow, noticeably skinnier body, starting under cotyledons, going down to soil. I added some topsoil (Warrior Seedling mix) up to cotyledons.
Re-designed my orphan re-veg grow station.

Good growing and great harvest to you, all.


Good to hear you’re doing a little better.


No on the spots but i have a bunch just popping out will watch my last 2 runs are mostly clones. But beans turn is now.

Well, the deed is done. Medgom got the chop today and is hanging in the cellar. She was 222 days above dirt, auto my ass!

Took off all the branches, got two piles that would fit in the 5 gallon buckets, and did the 3-part bud wash on each. So 6 buckets in all, no lifting! Had my 3 dollies under the buckets in the garage, got the hose and nozzle from the side of the house and filled them. Once done, wheeled them to the side door in the garage and dumped them. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

And here she hangs…

Chopped around 11 am, buds are now dry, not wet, have an oscillating fan about 6 feet away bowing on low. They will be dry in about 4 days.

And the seedlings are doing ok, all 6 came up.

The yellow ones are still yellow, don’t know what to think about them. Might just end up with 4 plants.

The Bear Dance autos are budding right along. Stretching a bit and getting some branches on 2 of them…middle one might just grow into 1 huge cola.

Tomorrow I clean the tent out, spray with ammonia water, then these 3 and the seedlings will get promoted upstairs. I’ll put them on boosters and keep the seedlings on the ground to keep their DLI lower. Still be running 18/6, but will change on time to 5pm, off at 11am. Keeps them warm at night and still gives me time to deal with them whenever I want.

Grow on Growmies!


The buds that broke off the other day while I was leaf-stripping are dry. I think I’m healthy enough to taste it tonight! Only my right-side ribs hurt, but that’s the side I heard a “pop”, so I don’t think that’s a lung-issue anymore, just a rib that popped out of place.

So it’ll be 32 days since my last puff, wish me luck!


Excellent i love seeing so many different things going on Growmie

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Thanks @Bunger64, I’m interested in seeing how these turn out. The seedlings are from a nannered Bruce Banner from last summer’s outdoor grow, don’t know what to expect from the pale ones whether they’ll grow or not. Do I have 6 or 4, hmmmm?

And then 3 midgets that will be finished way earlier than I thought/hoped! Supposed to be 33% THC, was hoping they’d get decent sized at least!

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Well, I DID smoke some of that Medgom on Wednesday night, kind of a nice little body buzz! And later just before bed, smoked some good ol’ 9 Lb Hammer to knock me over the edge. Lungs hurt the next day, but was worth it, 32 days without is long enough.
Daughter said I could use my Christmas present early if I wanted to. I wanted to! The vape pen sure is nice, @DEEPDIVERDAVE , charged it, gave it its cleaning burnoff, then filled it later. I find that the 4-minute setting works best, I can puff for 4 minutes, take a 2 minute break, then go another 4 minutes. I find that there is enough left in the bowl for 1 more 4-minute session before it’s all gone. After 8 minutes, I’m baked! And then the leftovers are good either for a top-up before bed or a wake’n’bake puff. Battery lasts almost 3 bowls, each bowl being about 1/2 a joint’s worth of weed. Pretty economical when you consider I smoked 2 joints at a time to get stoned (altho my tolerance is low right now, but would still need to smoke a whole joint).

And I spend a couple hours in trim jail this morning trimming up the Medgom. No big buds, small nuggets and lots of larf, but it smells super nice and is extremely sticky. So it’s all going into jars! Better than the buds I smoked the other day, and this is the only CBD plant I have. Anyways, came out to 137 grams, so just under 5 ounces! And an ounce of leaf and dead shit trimmed off which all went into compost. It’s still loose right now, will jar it and label it all tomorrow and start the cure.

I guess I’m happy with it, considering I was going to kill it before the Sri Lanka trip. Was worth the wait, and will help the niece, and me too!

Hey @DEEPDIVERDAVE when you bought your Xmax V3 Pro,you said you bought additional batteries for it. Curious if you bought higher capacity than the 2600 mAh that it came with. You can get them at 5600 mAh, even seen some at 9000, same battery, just holds a bigger, longer-lasting charge.

replacement spare batteries 3000mAh, I believe.
Label has 18650-32E Samsung markings.

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@robert365 @Bunger64 @Docnraq @DEEPDIVERDAVE @noddykitty1 @Dennis62
So last night figured it was time for some more pics, only got around to shrinking them down ad posting this morning! Everything is now in the tent, nothing in the cellar.

Let’s start with the group shot. You can see the bracing on the walls and in front of the door to prevent shrinkage, something everyone should be concerned about :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You can see the 3 small fans in the corners, as well as the big fan top right corner just past the filter. Lots of air moving in there! Also the plants are on boosters so their tops are near the same height, while keeping the seedlings lower for less DLI.

Now let’s check out the 3 Bear Dance autos, top-side on Oct 8th, started flowering around Nov 3rd.

This is the tall plant in the back of the tent. By tall, I mean 18"!

And here is the bud developing on that one…

The plant in the middle is only 12" tall

With some nice buds on her too!

Finally, we have the one in the front, the shortest of them at 9" tall.

She didn’t branch out at all, but instead just wants to be one big cola. I’m ok with that!

Here’s a top view of the Bruce Banner autos. These seeds were from my outdoor run of 2022, one plant nannered on me and I got 18 seeds.

Side view with the others in the background. You can see the different height boosters everyone is sitting on, trying to keep the canopy level. Altho not much of a canopy when it’s only one main cola (except for the “tall” one).

If I get around to it today, I will transplant these into 1 gallon pots as well.

Grow on!


Awesome update Growmie


Looking fantastic my friend :v:

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Hope I get more than 2 ounces off those 3 Bear Dance tho, at 33% I was hoping for 3oz EACH!
Have to see how it smokes before I buy more seeds of that strain.

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What he said ^^^


Those all ready have bigger buds than your 250 day auto. Looking good. :eyes::scream_cat:

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True that! After 222 days, she came down. Got almost 5oz from her at least, but all smaller buds. But they smell and taste great! Nice mellow high. My niece will like it, I have to drop off an ounce of it and another of some Pennywise I grew for her, next time we head into the Okanagan. Might not be until February or later tho.