Sprouted last night :D

I started germination on 06/28/21, on 06/29/21 somewhere inbetween i felt it was right to switch them over into a papertowel because i was pretty sure my seed soaked up all it was going to soak, u can kind of just tell sometimes, I then put the seed in a paper towel and waited to see a little tail pop out(just a tiny one) I decided to plant just one since my grow tent is only a 2x2. Upon planting I decided to do an experiment and go in atleast 1.5-1.8 almost 2 inches deep to see if that would have any affect on positioning the plant in later cycles(make it stumpier uk as long as light is kept at a proper distance to prevent stretch uk). I also maintained a 15 hour light schedule starting from 3:00PM and ending by 5:00am. I am on day 4 now 07/02/21 and i got my quickest sprout that I have ever had :D, ima post picks below look at her go!!

Congratulations on your new girl

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thank you !! :smiley: <3, have you ever planted deeper than 2 inches? I am curious because i kind of want to go deeper depending on the outcome

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No I haven’t usually about .5 it obviously worked out for you :+1:


Mine popped out last night too so we gonna be gromies

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I always needed a sensei gromie ! :smiley: