Sprout a seed

Found a seed when drying bud ,how long should I wait to try to sprout

A couple of weeks (4) has worked for me in the past.
It’s been a long time since I have had seeds in any of my buds! My next grow I am gonna spray colloidal silver on a branch of a plant to get some seeds as I am loving the strain “Amnesia haze” at the moment it’s one of my favourites and a Hardy forgiving plant!

Happy growing, Brendan.

Thanks Brendan I found 1 seed , will try in 2 weeks

I think it might be better to wait a little longer. As in most instances; this is something you will have to experience yourself.

Kidos, on only getting one seed. :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t mean to sound like I was putting you down or anything about having a seed in your bud only having 1 seed is a great effort! In the past I have stressed plants too much causing hermaphrodites and the plants were almost raining seeds, lol. Sorry again.

Cheers, Brendan.