Spots & Drooping, Nutrient burn?

Hey everyone I started growing some pineapple auto and its been going great, fun experience, but I’m starting to see some spots on the leaves and some drooping.
some insight would be greatly appreciated, I’ve seen other posts on this but no exact info, here’s some of my grow info:

Its a spacebucket build for now
It’s dwc/kratky (I leave alittle air pocket because it was drooping in the early stages, then perked back up)
I check the ph every few days, today it was at 6.6 so i lowered it back down to 6.3 ( I aim for 6.2 )

I have a giixer 1000w led light, both bloom & veg mode on 20/4, its ontop of two 5 gallon buckets (around 28 inches away)

I use fox farm nutes with alittle epsom salt and liquid seaweed ( im on week 3 going on 4 of the hydro schedule )

The spots are mostly on the first bottom leaves but i see it alittle on the new growth ontop, the lower leaves are curling in and the mid leaves are drooping

I thought it was nutrient burn so i diluted the water a few days ago with some ph balanced water but the problem is getting worse, any help would be very much appreciated

p.s I hope I posted this correctly i apologize if I did not

Dwc, rdwc? Also what’s the ppms in that pot. There’s a few things going on here

Water looks stagnant, ppms are about double just off that feeding chart, I’d love to get a read on what’s inside the tank.

Easy fix without any meters.

Take off the lid, flush the plant and medium throughly, clean the tank below out and restart system using 50% recommended dosage and slowly increase to about 75% when you see substaygrowtb


Also you want to shoot for a ph around 5.8

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thank you for the feedback, when you say flush do you mean like just ph water for a day?

Flora kleen, sledge hammer, distilled water , r/o water …something with ppms under 100 hopefully under 10

Well i dont have a ppm meter so hopefully poland spring water is good enough :sweat_smile:

Get one :point_up:

You can’t do hydro without a TDS meter. I’m hoping you have a decent PH meter too. Poland spring water has got to be more expensive than $.88/gallon distilled water at Wally World.

@PharmerBob is on top of it. A flushing agent with pure water for 24 hours then rez change as stated. When you do the rez, rinse all components with 3% peroxide.

What is your rez temps? Do you have a chiller?
PH below 6.0

Your plant doesn’t have significant nute burn yet but looks like a cal mag issue so I would suggest adding that to your schedule.

yeah ill probably pick one up on friday, for now i put it in some poland spring, which should at least be better than tap water. I’m also going to be setting up a tent and putting them in there so ill give an update tomorrow. I haven’t added any calmag into it I’ve added epsom salt for alittle magnesium boost but ill pick some up when i go get the ppm meter. Luckily I have a hydro store 10 minutes away and yes i have a ph meter lol just no ppm meter. i dont have a chiller but it is winter time so the water stays pretty cold

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btw thank you for all the help, i have to go to work which is why I’m doing that for now

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Hey yall just an update on my plant, i havent seen much change, no further burns but alot more droop, i put it in a gallon container with some clean spring water from the store, filled less than half a gallon. I bought a tds meter and the ppms are at 422, which sounds like alot for just water. The plant is at week 3 though so i think 422 ppm will be alright. I also fit an air bubbler at the bottom of it just to give it extra air. The newest growth ontop is also drooping and losing its color though, I think i will leave it like this for like 2 days

Oh also, my hydro shop gave me a sample of dyna flush and idk if its a flushing agent like should I add it to the water? (Pics below)

Hoping its not past the point of revival

On the bright side I think ill be setting up my grow tent later tonight, bad news is I barely have a living plant to put in it :tired_face:

Heres some pictures of the plant and that dyna flush: