Splitting stalks and branchs

So i read up on this and tried it …what happened was my plant in 2 days started growing more new flowers and added on to the buds .-now what-?- how can i harvest if its growing new white hairs every where .

Pictures would help, but this is called fox tailing and it’s adding weight, and trichomes.

not foxing new buds on the branches

and plant is a left over from a harvest -cut all the buds off and let it keep growing.is about 13 months old-was all the lower branches with tiny buds . think i should just harvest then ?

pics be nice but cant get them to where i can paste ,still tryen to.

I don’t want to say one way or another with out pictures. I could be causing you to chop something that shouldn’t be.

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Select the picture icon, and select upload… be sure to wait and verify that it’s completely uploaded.

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ok got it and pics are from same plant

This is a 13 month old plant? How long has it been in flower? A plant will continue producing new bud almost continuously throughout the flowering period. It’s just trying to fulfill it’s function to reproduce. As a last ditch effort to achieve pollination, some plants might turn hermaphroditic and start producing male pollen sacs.

This why it’s important to at least have a general idea when you should harvest. There’s no clearcut answer on when you should harvest because there are too many variables.

From what I’m seeing, you could have as much as 30 or 40% new growth on that plant. This is not good. That means if you harvest right now your yield will be diluted. Waiting for the new bud to “catch up” isn’t going to do much good as the older trichomes will age and produce a more “couch lock” effect.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is supposed to be the purpose of the metal rods you have jammed into your stalks?

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splitting stems a week before harvest is suppose to boost thc in the buds i hear. first time doing it. plant is old because i have all ready harvested it once and kept it alive to let bottom half keep flowering. was planning on cutting this weekend. been in flower for over 3 months.

i might just cut mature buds and let it keep going just to see what it does . as long as it does not herm on me.


If you really like the bud off this plant why not clone it & reveg the clone for a monster crop plant?
I’ve split a few stems & really couldn’t tell any difference in the buds.

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This is my standard disclaimer. There are many different ways of doing the same thing. What works for me, may not work for you.

I believe that by damaging my plant in strategic ways I can increase trichome production. That is where all the magic happens. In those little polyps. They are secreted by the plant, take shape and mature from clear, to cloudy, to milky and then to amber in color. That takes time. Nothing you do at the end of the plant’s life is going to increase potency without allowing those new trichomes a chance to age. I don’t believe 2 weeks is enough time. In fact, I do everything I can to stabilize growth in the last 4 weeks. I might pick a fan leaf or two, but all training is stopped and the plant can concentrate on producing buds.

You have lots of options. Someone suggested cloning her. Also you could harvest most of the plant, place the plant into extended light (I do low lights at 24/7 for about 2 weeks) and the plant will go into re-veg and you can start all over.


this plant was a clone -/ i took four more off this one but none rooted .maybe i’ll try that -put it back in veg. c-what happens. plus i don’t know what it is, got out of a bag from a friend last year. just playing around till my autoflowers germinate. having trouble with them. might have to try the peroxide/water way.

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