Spinosad dilution, HELP!

I have this product that is 44.2 % Spinosad

It’s highly concentrated (and expensive) product used for the control of mites and pests on my poultry and in the poultry housing.

Can someone help me with the proper dilution for spraying my girls?


The dilution of Capt Jacks ready to use is .001%. I suspect some serious math is involved in getting there from a 44.2% concentrate!

What medicinemuse said…Captain Jacks is only 0.001% ready to use.

*corrected thank you

I’m the original poster…the Captain Jack’s is actually .001%, not .0001%, you put an extra zero in there. Still looking for dilution help. I suspect it is a very, very small amount to add to 1 gallon of water!

Considering that its use is not for insect control on plants, but for poultry housing, I am concerned about its use on cannabis.
What is the 55% "Other Ingredients? Are they safe for human consumption? I can understand wanting to save where possible, but I dont think this is a good choice.


Doesn’t the flip open label give you details on mixing?

It only give the dilution rate for treatment of Northern Fowl mites, house flies etc. It is significantly more concentrated than Captain Jack’s concentrate.
8.9 ml concentrated Elector to one gallon of water is what I usually use for treating poultry.

I found this online, hopefully I can just go by this and be safe.