Spider Mites? Thrips? I dont know...help!

I have my girl and she’s almost a week old with her first set of leaves looking pretty and second set growing nicely. She’s also taller too from a few days ago. Anyway, I too have tiny spots on the first set of leaves. Not a lot but enough to concern me. At first I thought it was because the leaf was dirty or something but even after giving them a light mist they are there. I really hope they’re not spider mites. I’ve read about them and how they like to show up in the plants.

I have her in a 10 inch pot, soil nice and aerated with perlite. The nutes in the soil are really low (N is like 0.001% i think) so it can’t be the low dose in N for her. She isn’t dropping or wilting. She looks like she’s “praying” to the light. I don’t know what the dots are. I looked under the leaves and didn’t see anything under them. Any guidance with this if the specks are mites?

PLease do not jump into threads, then post the same question in another thread. But; You already figured that out.

If it is spider mites or thrips.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade codex, is the answer. It is edible, and digestible. Will rid you and your pets, and/or ivestock from worms, parasites, etc.

NOTE: Make sure not to use swimming pool filter DE. YUKK!!!