Sous-V Gift Saves: " Christmas Cannabis".!

For your Entertainment !!

So… Big Cold Storm Hits Upstate NY

Worried about Power Failures… But Power Hangs in there…

Busy time… A few days between checking the “Gal’s”…

Its OK… Grow Room take care of its self…

Christmas Eve Quick Check … Somethings not right… See “Stunted” growth Happening !!

Water Reservoir @ 49F… !!! Heater Failed!! !!

Santa Please Help !!

Have to open that ONE special wrapped gift under the tree!!

A Sous-V cook set-up…!!!

“Christmas Cannabis SAVED !!”

Happy Holidays… Happy New Year…


Quick thinking saves the day.
Now, was it a gift to you, your gift to someone, or your gift to yourself?
I am a fan of gifting to oneself. No returns


I love stories with a happy ending lol :smiley:

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We were involved in that power outage, last time I worried and had the generator in place, this time had a feeling so just hooked up power out from 10am to 430pm not like others. I was able to run my rooms, and pellet stove, maintained like nothing happened. I guess Im fortunate. 2 inches of snow.

And the Christmas Story Only Gets Better

Thirty Days Later…

Its time for Flowering Stage to Begin. 12/12

And One More for Good Luck…

Be Back in 45-60 Days. !!


30 Days into Flower…

Back in another 30 :>


Nice work, looks great!

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Happy St Patty’s Day…

Now 60 Days into 12/12 light cycle Flower…

GrandDaddyPurple Now Starting to Go: “Purple”!!

Another 6 days or so… then a 4 day “FLUSH”…

Easy with a Hydroponic grow and " Hydrotron" Grow media…

Side Note: 4 Cutting Rooted in 6" Rockwool and ready to go to the grow room !!


I have 3 GDPs in veg now. Im hoping to get big ole purple buds like yours. Its my first time growing them so im excited to see what a 60 day flower will look like. Cant wait to see the harvest!

Day 70

Houston. “We Have a Problem” A good problem!!

WOW!! Massive Cola’s Forming Everywhere.

The Photo Does Not Do the Girls Justice!!

Have bumped up the fans and lowered the humidity controls from 50% to 40%RH.
Temp @ 70F Day, 65F Night.

Haves trimmed off the big “Fan Leaves”.
Don’t want any mold to showing up!!

FYI: Even with good air flow/ turnover and 9’ x 5’ x 8’ tent
The 4 girls will drive the CO2 levels into the low 400ppm’s if no CO2 added.

I supplement with the CO2, Release interlocked with the exhaust fan to 750ppm during flower stage. (Exhaust fan on… No CO2 added. 40lbs of CO2 used per flower grow stage: Cost $50)

I see the massive colas!!! Rockets!!!

I found with my situation my tent and the girls liked higher temps 80ish and 50percent or a little more. The humidity helps the leaves breath. I read about it after I changed everything thinking lower temps and humidity nope not here good luck Growmie. She is beautiful

After 70 days of 12/12 light and a 10-day nurturant flush, easy with Hydrotron grow media.

Harvested a big box of huge “Cola’s”. Now hang drying.

Let the balance of the under-developed normally considered “Larf” continue to develop.

After 10 days have many nice tight big buds, clusters forming from that previous “larf”.

Another 20 days, the ugly duckling laft will become multiple beautiful “Swans”.

Ready to Cut Main Cola’s

Typical COLA !! Now Hang drying

Huge box full from 4 girls…

Now. 1 week after Main Cola removal…" Larf" developing nicely into fat buds