Sour Diesel Auto DWC at 1 month

Here’s a pic of my SD autoflower, grown indoors in DWC. 1000w LED at 20/4 schedule. Rez nutes, 3gal, at 5.5-6.2 pH.

I’ve decided to let it grow natural with no pruning except lower leaves. Grow room has no height restriction, and since this is my first autoflower, I’m interested in seeing the plant and results in their natural shape. A test case for the next plant. It is at 30 days of veg now and showing pistols.


Question…can I keep the SD autoflower under 20/4 lighting through flowering? Or should I move it to my already crowded flower room at 12/12?
@Myfriendis410 @SKORPION

Either way.

Thanks for confirming @SKORPION . I tried to time the SD so that I could move it after the Purple Queen photo harvest, but those have about 6 weeks of flowering left. :man_shrugging:

At the speed the SD is growing, I’ll be harvesting it first!

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