Sour deisel can be under 3ft

Can sour d be kept under 3 feet and have a high yeild. My grow cabeint i can only have a plant a little over 3 feet

I’m currently growing that strain now. It’s my first grow and my garden box is only 4’ tall. So far I topped her once and plan on using the scrog method to keep the stretch from veg down a bit. So far on week 3 of veg. I think it will work


I like your setup :grinning::seedling::herb::evergreen_tree:

Looking Great

Thanks. Ive never done the scrog method but i think i will try that. I have a spinal injury and im always in pain and i hate taking pills and im hoping sd will work for the pain

Absolutely, mine is under 3’ but I am doing a Scrog.


Awesome. I can only hope to do as well.

How long do u let yours veg for before you switch to flowering. Thanks for help. I love this website cause everey one is helpfull and they dont screw you when you order seeds like other seed companyies

@jrock64 I’m sure you will do just fine, this is my first grow and have researched and read everything I can to make a go of it. @jjjason, I vegged for 42 days before going to flower. I wanted to go another week or two but I’m doing a sour diesel and a strawberry kush at the same time, the diesel was bigger than the kush and since the plants stretch after going to flower so I went to flower based on diesel. She didn’t grow as much as I thought so the screen didn’t totally fill up but for a first grow its alright and I learned a lot. Here’s a pic of the diesel… She still has a few weeks to go.
The screen is 3’ x 2’ just FYI.


It looks pretty dang good. I will be happy if mine truns out that good

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Very nice ? I’m doin a scrog also plants bout 32" 33" tall what’s the height of your scrog mine is currently 32 1/2" wondering if I should lower more…thks

Thanks @iceberg, I’ll have to measure to get the height, here’s a pic of what I did, the screen is easily adjustable and moves with the pot so I can move things around to get access to all sides. The screens are at the lowest point but I can raise them an additional 18" by using the thumb screws if needed but I really have enough room to get under them as they are. I’ll measure later and let you know.



Wow that is nice where u purchase that from saw some ebay didn’t look that good

That’s all from lowes. It’s simply 3/4" pvc with elbows and t’s for the frame and the t’s for the legs are 1/2" pvc.
The pots are 10 gal with the pvc going down in pot and connecting with elbows on the bottom, covered in happy frog soil which gives it pretty good stability. Drilled holes every 2 1/2" on on frame and placed screws in. Used string for netting which can be cut easily at harvest and re-stringed for next time. Not very expensive at all. I think the pots were like $8 each and all material for 2 scrog nets were another $30 at most.

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Bro that’s awesome better than shit on ebay you to try and patented that thing

Thanks man but don’t want to profit on that lol… We’re all on here sharing knowledge and know how trying to help each other and I guarantee my first attempt at this would have really sucked if it wasn’t for this forum and you tube videos lol.

Matter of fact I took clones of both strains at 3 weeks into flower based on a “monster cloning” article I read, the kush is really starting to grow and the diesel looks like she’s getting ready to start growing. I’ll post a detailed journal on everything in a few weeks when everything finishes.

I also use happy frog potting soil and its good stuff

Look at that …oh woo I’m excited and jealous at the same dam time .


that is sharp as hell looking ,:smile: VERY WELL Made … Hammer

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@Ntense man you really pulled your creativity out with that rig , but we never know our abilities until we challenged ourselves , grew job buddy and them colas look scrumptious . Now I built my scrog simple but didn’t think to make it apart of the pot so it can be mobile or movable , but again great engineering , I like it and can’t wait to get my lil baby up enough to start here in the scrog .

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