SOS PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ::(( Brown Spots spreading like wildfire overnight

I just ordered a TDS meter for $13, I’ve got some dolomite lime but I just flushed so I’ll probably have to wait another day maybe two for the soil to dry back out again

or its actually hydrated lime but still serves the same function of balancing soil pH

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My current grow had the same looking issue and it turned out to be overwatering. The bottom of the pot can feel dry but the area around the roots might still be wet. JMO.

Thank you @Myfriendis410 for advising Gooseman as well as @ThirtyThree


You can top-dress that in now and work it into the top inch or so of media. Then water when plant says so.

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it suggests dissolving it within the water first then watering in. I’m afraid if i only do the top inch or so it wont balance the soil any better at the actual root zone. Also should I pH balance the water after I add the hydrated lime

Either works fine, top dressing gives the added benefit of continued buffering, not so much when you pre mix, but either way is fine. @Myfriendis410 knows his way around cannabis and Id trust him 100 percent to steer you right. Goof luck, sounds like a challenge!
Once again… my work is done here… cape over shoulder! Im off…