Sophomore Grow, and Freshman pictures @JimHigh

Greetings to all of my growing Super Friends.
Sophomore grow is underway. 1 Tangarine 2 Maxigom. The 3rd Maxigom sprouted today.
Using the water only soil from Great Lakes. Will evaluate it thoroughly after the grow.
Wanted to ask all of you growing guru’s if I did something wrong with buds in my Freshman grow. As you can see; one bud is dense, and the other one is very “airy”. Did I do something wrong in the dry/cure process that is on going?
Or is it the difference in the Lowryder and blueberry ?
Thanks again to all of you from all of us that appreciate you dearly.
Right now I sitting downtown at the railway station; one toke over the line!
Happy Growing.


the plants look good. it could be a difference between the 2 strains

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Thanks for response. I had a feeling it was the 2 different strains. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t do something wrong with dry and cure process.