Something I need to fix?

Hi all, this is one of my 3 week old WW. I’m noticing a bit of yellowing between the leaf veins. They’re in ffof and under a 250w mh light. Think it’s anything to be concerned about? I havnt been adding any nutes al all,just water. The other 3 look ok, just this 1.

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The slight leaf curl on the big leaves suggest a calcium deficiency starting and the yellowing between the margins suggest a magnesium deficiency also. Foliar feed with cal-mag at lights out would be my suggestion :v:

Thanks watt-sun that’s what I was kinda thinking after a little research. The main reason I chose ffof was to avoid issues like this. Unfortunately I don’t have any calmag, I’ll have to order some. I think it’s a little strange that the others arnt showing any of the same signs. I was hoping this would clear up by itself