Somebody please help me Autoflower under Mars hydro tsw 2000 led

I need a lot of help. I wasted so much soil, electric and distilled water. Following the Mars hydro guidelines but I got stunned plants. And burnt. Used Fox farm Ocean Forest and cultivation nation with vermiculite. Had super lemon haze autoflower. Anybody know the right readings on Dr meter? I can’t get a $500 LED meter. Anybody help me it will be greatly appreciated. I’m self-stressed out. Thank you

I’m trying again with white widow autoflower. I have almost all the Fox farm products. I’m getting different answers on here and very confused.

I’ve had luck with ocean forest but I dug a hole In the center and added happy frog to it then saturate the hole pot put your germinated seed in and wait till the pot feels light when you pick it up time to water but that’s me happy growing :v:

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Are you talking Par and PPDF light readings? If so download Photone light meter on your I-phone or android phone. That’s what I did. When I used FF I only used the Trio (grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom).

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With the lighting, yes. The app only registers up to 380 something for full spectrum. Don’t you have to calibrate it? It’s very confusing.

Try the full sun (or sunlight? I forget) mode. It’s the most comparable to an expensive meter.

I believe you can but it’s not necessarily a requirement - it should be “accurate enough” for our purposes.

For whatever it’s worth, I found the DLI measurement to be much easier to understand.

And a corresponding chart to make it a useful measurement


I’ve found this very helpful!

I’ve also heard using an iphone you need to calibrate using a white sheet of paper. For an Android phone you do not need to calibrate. I can only speak from what I’ve read on here about the iPhone being calibrate using a white sheet of paper. But I have an Android and I am sure Androids don’t have to be calibrated. Using the calculator I posted above along with the Photone app you should be able to figure your lighting out! Hope that helps!

You need the sheet of paper as a diffuser. My Photone actually just scolded me for trying to calibrate it on an iPhone :sweat_smile:

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@Graysin So you do or don’t need to calibrate it? Thanks! I’m trying to learn everything I can here! I’ve learned so much from y’all! I’ve read so so so many of your post and replies btw :slightly_smiling_face:
P.S I may have calibrate and a diffuser mixed up!? But have you tried the calculator I posted above?

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Oh I see! I did have calibrate and diffuser mixed up. Lmao :rofl:
I’m still learning but trying so hard! Learning from the best though! @Graysin


I don’t or haven’t calibrated, I use a piece of printer paper I cut to wrap around my IPHONE to cover the lense…the diffuser :love_you_gesture:


I don’t see an option for autoflower. Is there one?

Cannabis is cannabis and whether or not a plant is an auto isn’t really relevant.


Only reason I ask

Fair enough. Autos don’t care about the light cycle while photos need to be reduced to 12 hours to induce flowering. An app should give you intensity levels and leave the 12 hour issue to a grower’s judgement as to when to flower a photo. The only relevance of lighting hours is ensuring the app is properly calculating DLI. It has nothing to do with whether a plant is a photo or an auto.

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So how exactly is this going to help. Ideal DLI is 40, but the app will only read up to 20 something, either full spectrum or sunlight. Nothing is easy for me. Any other suggestions? I really do appreciate people trying to help, but can you see my dilemmas?

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The app will only calculate up to 26 DLI. On Either full spectrum or sunlight

I can’t help as I don’t use the app.

You might find some help by searching on the topic.

The app should definitely read more than 20 something DLI. Only suggestion I would see if you move your phone closer to the light does the DLI read more than 20? If so your suggested DLI for the week you are in is 40 , I would lower the light some. What week are you in and how far is your light from your plants? Thanks!