Some one help leaves cruling in

i did not let them dry out all the way-that will cause salt build up. to start was maybe 3-4 days and then every other day and then every day if the top looked dry

Yes I’m new to both of them I used dutch-pro and soil in past never had these issues now I’m really stressed out as I spent loads of money and lloks like it’s all waisted no idea what’s the real problem for them crulin that way and no one it’s actually coming up with the answer. Feel like clearing in it all and going back to soil

Honestly i think that’s going to be the best solution for you- see if you can flush and transplant. you picked a very expensive and very high maintenance way to grow. no one is going to be able to come up “the” answer as to what’s going on, but regardless, if you don’t get those elevated off the dishes and water to run off your plants are not going to make it. and that may be the answer right there as it does look like nute burn. it may have already started. you can’t let your plants sit in that water. but let me make it clear that you will have the same requirements in soil with salt based nutes, you just won’t have to water as often.

once @garrigan62 is available i’m sure he’ll also chime in but he’s an organic soil guy (though seems to know everything about everything :). i think @Watt-Sun was also a AN grower. i’d do a search and see if you can find other folks who have grown in this medium and method.

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Many ways to elevate the pots off of the saucers.
Here are a few ideas.
Smaller saucer inverted
Cheap tile at big box store
Rubber anti fatigue mats cut up
Many other inexpensive options I would avoid using wood.
You want to use things that don’t rot etc

Hope this helps


@Jbum also has a few good solutions.


I never used any from this evaluate ways pot always sit on the dish and never had any problems in past with soil always flushed once a week . I know I picked very expensive way with AN thought abut better harvest but I made mistake

What if I use something to suck up the run off will it work that way

I do think the nutes are excellent and give a great harvest. it’s just not the easiest. i THINK you’d be fine if you could elevate them.

i’m not a physics expert, but i don’t see how the salts would drain out of the pot if it’s sitting in any runoff or sitting on a solid surface. you need to suck up the excess but the point is to let it run off and not build up. you can always try it and see how it works.

i haven’t used salt based nutes in soil so i should probably shouldn’t advise at all on that.

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I’m not using soil this is on coco . I’ve used the soil in past no issues Switched to coco and AN nutrients this time for better results but as you can see running into problems … as you can see on the pic the new growth isn’t curled once I flushed them with clear water 3 days ago but they still wet after 3 days will probably feed them tomorrow at 600 ppm and evaluate them on Monday hope i see difference

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i guess my question is if you used salt based nutes in soil before. but sounds like you have a plan to try and move forward. hope it works for you.

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I’ve used Dutch-pro nutrients not sure if they are salt based I had three harvests not so bad didn’t evaluate them just given them a good run of once a week and that was all . Manged to get 0.6 gram per watt but reading and seen people get double of that so steped for better

sorry dunno anything other than AN at this point. having to water to 20% overflow creates a few extra steps to the grow and is a huge reason why i’m not going to use them next run. i’ll be doing a dance in a few days when i get to put my shop vac away.

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Are you using sensi line from AN ? I don’t get the fact that every time you feed you need 20% run of . I mean they are expensive so I’m mixing 100 litre I need to waste 20 litre every time to much waste of money

I’d def agree your looking at a nutrient issue. Run off should be in the 5.8 range to avoid lock out. Your feeding schedule is the same that I use but I do not water everyday. I water only when the pot is light I can usually tell by squeezing the sides of the pots . I found an easy way of elevating the pots is by cutting a milk crate down they are the perfect size for a 5 gallon fabric pot. My suggestion is to flush with 3 times the pot size with ph’d water to 5.5-5.8. Let dry and resume the feeding schedule with a little run off at each feeding. @Marco26


I flushed 3 days ago and run off was 6.2 they should be dry for tomorrow. Shall I go half power or shall I follow schedule supposedly they are in week two . And are you in coco as well? Well I got 58 plants so be hard for me to find that many mik crate

yes i used Sensi Coco and yep, it’s wasteful. and even then i still got build up. sounds like watt-sun did less and did ok.

i don’t know much about hydro but if i ever got a space that i wasn’t worried about flooding, i’d consider auto pots or one of the hydro systems that recycles. a few folks on here have grown beasts using AN and autopots. with that many plants, i’d be looking at some sort of watering system. i don’t know how you do it. 2 was too much for me.

Flush her fast or you will lose her! Flush with 5 times the amount of water as soil or coco used, that should ensure the runoff ppms are lowered considerably and ph is returned to normal. Use ph’d ro water if available. Coco: ph to 5.8 to flush. soil: ph to 6.2-6.5 to flush

I personally use 45% coco, 45% soil and 10% pearlite, doing this you’ll have enough nutrients in your media that you will not need feed your plants for at least 2 weeks. But you’ll still need to feed calmag when you water! Also always need to run off 20% of what you feed, check PH and PPM everytime. That’s my humble opinion

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