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Questions from a fellow grower:

I have been doing my reading, but still I was wondering if you could give some advise. I just started my third indoor batch and they are just starting to break the soil :)… I am growing Autoflowering Amnesia Haze (fem) and White Widow (fem). I am using a Higrow 600 ( This light has two light spectrums (shorter wave; Veg) and longer (bulb). So here are my questions

  1. In the previous (second) round I did two each of the Autoflowering Amnesia Haze (fem), White Widow (fem), and Blueberry (fem) (and thanks for the replacement seeds on the blues). Except for two, they all grew to about 20 in. (50 cm). One Amnesia and one White Widow grew taller by 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm). My question is what might be going on here. Seems the large ones “looked” the best. Did I do something wrong? BTW the BB tasted great, but had a “couch lock” effect. Don’t know if I did something wrong with the BB. But is why on this second round I am not growing BB.

  2. I know that autoflowering plants blooming does not depend on light timing, but still can you recommend a good length of times for on and off.

  3. In terms of the lights, before these two (second and third) batches, I did one with fluorescent lights. The different in plants between fluorescent (first batch) and the Higrow LED (second batch) is absolutely amazing. The LEDs had strong stems beautiful green leaves etc. Considering the type of light I am now using can you recommend how best to use the Veg and Bulb lights? It is probably obvious you use the bulb when there are bulbs, but do you keep the shortwave on also?

I can’t help with the auto questions. but for the lights I think that you should use both switches as soon as you can. More light, stronger plants, bigger buds. Starting with one for a few days, then flipping the second once they are used to it should work. Just make sure they are ready for the LED’s (2-ish nodes). Many people just use a bare CFL bulb up to that point.

Good morning. You should join the forum so people can help u along the way

You should flip both settings on your light on. U don’t need to do it slowly just put the led on and flip it to full strength for the whole grow.

As far as some plants getting bigger than others, there are many phenotypes within the same strain and can have various results.

I run all my autos on 16:8. They still need some down time and a dark period but don’t need. 12:12.

Good luck and happy growing.

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Justgrowing…offers you good advice.

Same strain…even from the same Mother Plant…can show different growth patterns, colors and results. Each seed has it’s own growth plan stamped on it’s genetics. It’s a roll of the dice.

Don’t want couch lock? Get a jewelers loop and when the trichomes are 20% cloudy…harvest.
Let them get 60% amber/cloudy and it will couch lock you.

Thank you just flipped both on

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Just did a grow with 2 WW autos in the veg room at 16/8 and 2 in the flower room at 12/12. The difference in yield was 2g. I’m sticking with 12/12 myself @dtl. I veg for 3-4 weeks at 16/8 then flip to 12/12.


Interesting. I will try you technique and flip back to veg

You can leave the bloom switch on. Especially for autos. They just want good light and I’m sure the extra red LEDs will help.

If u aren’t running your lights with both switches on u are leaving behind watts your plants would appreciate.

As far as the schedule as long as they have light and dark u can run them at what u please.