Some marijuana questions

From a fellow grower:

  1. My plan is to start some outdoor plants next Spring. What are my best options? I would rather use pots than just straight planting in the ground. I’ve heard of a “smartpot” and I heard that these work quite well. What size and how many pots should I purchase?

  2. What kind of soil/other nutrients do I need to buy at a local gardening store?

  3. Is growing in pots the best idea? I don’t really know how to combat diseases and pests that well, even though your grow bible had a lot of great tips. I may not be able to visit the plants as often as I’d like, I will most likely be able to 1-2 times per week next Spring, and maybe more often in the summer.

If you are planning a gorilla grow, and not going to be able to monitor your plants. Temper your expectations. for success. The guide MacG posted should help you.

You are the only one that will be able to fix the issues that arise, so read up on all the grow info you can find, and make a plan. It has to be your plan, because you are going to be attending the grow.

p.s. personally, I would not grow out somewhere that I could not keep an eye on. I look forward to see what you come up with. Peace :slight_smile: