Some leaves look slightly wrinkly and serrated edges turned up

The first one is pretty low, but the second one is pretty high up and on an edge, “in the light” but not exactly the most intense light.
Yeah true, I’ll forget about it if it doesn’t start spreading.
Gonna do some defoliating anyway
So I’ll probably just take the leaves I don’t like :sweat_smile:

These things are freaken beasts when it comes to structure, such thick stems and tight nodes. Excited to see the colas, I could see them easily filling out most branches like their mother did before caterpillars screwed her.
So def gonna periodically take some leaves cuz I’ll be fearing airflow and mold issues eventually.
Prolly shoulda given less light ha

Oh yeah, also have this miserable strawberry cough mother that I limited to a solo cup for almost a year :grimacing: :sweat_smile:
I rooted a new mothers and am gonna flower this tortured one for an idea of its flowers.
She had algea in the solo and got pretty dry often so def was deficient,
A lot of her stems are red and weak, small branches have broken off easily.
Cleaned her roots and moved to 1G, so far just getting fed jacks with the rest but is there anything extra I can do to help whatever plethora of deficiencies she’s got?


Get rid of those two leaves gor sure lol. See where you’re at afterwards.


Hmm not positive if more have gotten this way or not, but some of the affected ones are seemingly getting worse.
I’m starting to consider the too much N idea because there’s also some noticable “claws”, but I can’t find any good examples online of the edges doing this so I’m iffy.
But now I’m fairly sure it can’t be light nor airflow; some are high up some with adequate both and some are inside with less of both…

I wondered temp/humidity at first but it’s been nice lately… 78-80 lights on 72-75 lights off, humidity around 50-55%

Should I try lowering N for a bit?
If so how should I go about balancing the parts?
Lately I’ve been going back and forth from 4g/2g per gal and the normal 3/2/1 for the mag.

… Idk why I didn’t think of this before.

I’m guessing PH being too low could easily cause some weirdness like this?.

A while back my water started taking more PH down than I had been stably using for months, but they had just chlorinated our water so it lined up and I didn’t consider maybe my ph pen had drifted off.

Just had a calibration fiasco cuz one of the calibration solutions that came with my nice pen spilled long ago,.
But made it work + comparing to these pool test strips I’ve got lol.,

So it appears I’ve been feeding anywhere from 4.8 to 5.4 for a week or more :grimacing:

Looking at the tent makes me more sure of it, they were perfect a couple weeks ago and now I can notice some light colors on edges and margins of leaves, reminding me of pics I’ve seen of the start of mag deficiency which I’ve read lines up like hell with low ph.

Sooo prolly back on track now, threw out the buckets I already had made up and remade with the amount of ph down that was originally correct and it’s testing normal.

Will see in a week if nothing gets worse :slight_smile:

I think either situation is possible. I have not seen ph do this in any of my grows that I recall, but just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it would be impossible.


I couldn’t find any blatant examples of it either, I think only found One single post with a leaf that looked just like this in this site but it didn’t seem to get pinpointed,
Just found random references to ph doing weird crap from the change in nutrient availability.

What points me that way the most is the water thing, that my water randomly started taking more PH down for the pen to read normal, and that stayed even though it’s been a while since water was chlorinated.
That and the changes I just noticed in tent, which was 100% gorgeous a couple weeks ago

Tent water tested at 5.1 tonight after calibration, and pool test strip agreed wasn’t anywhere near the color of 5.8 lol

I do think also the N is high cuz of the clawed ends(in flwr room), but unsure wether that’s from giving too much or it being too available from the likely low ph :thinking:?

Such a spiderweb of what effects what.

What’s your take on the leaf edges and rust spots on the leaves of veg tent girls?
My first guess was they compare to start of cal/mag issues which would line up with low uptake at a low ph,
But if I’m off on that tell me lol

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The ph could be responsible for everything and this would be my first thought. It’s really hard to speculate beyond once you’ve confirmed an issue there. I know it doesn’t help a lot but fix this and see how things move forward.


Yeah I overthink crap ha, but that’s my guess too. In the veg tent there’s older uglier leaves I couldn’t get pics of without crawling in, bigger rusty spots that line up with internet pics of cal/mag issues

Lastnight I watered the flower room at 6.2 and the veg tent at 6.0,
Slightly higher than normal on both to try to “balance” the rootzones since they’ve likely been low for a week or two.
And used more pool test strips to verify cuz I was iffy on trusting my pen calibration lol.
Surprisingly runoff of flower room was 6.0, so appears not too much buildup of old crap.
Although ppm was 1800 coming out.
(1200 going in).

So guess I’ll trim off the worst of the leaves and watch for signs of it getting worse or better.
Gonna keep using pool test strips too cuz it’ll take a while for my pen to get my trust back lol

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Well,. It’s hard to tell and maybe it’s just taking longer than I’d hope and I’m being impatient,. Maybe the tent is getting back to its proper green hue…
These are the ugly leaves I mentioned though. I assume Cal or mag, hopefully lining up with the ph issue…
In limbo on fixing that, freaken company of my tester(Milwaukee instruments) hasn’t emailed back, was hoping since I never called them out on my warranty they’d maybe send me a replacement electrode or something to avoid ordering another ha…
For now using pool test strips to guestimate 6.0 by color when the strip only goes down to 6.2.

Luckily it’s not making the flower room fail in any way so far, bulking up fast!
This is one I FIM’d just to see how chubby I can make it lol

Looks like calcium deficiency to me, top pic anyway. Ph less than 5.5 is typically an issue for uptake especially with calcium.

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Yeah def lines up with the likely low ph.
I guess in the future I should keep more than one decent quality tester for when one gets wonky ha.
Bad seasonal timing too cuz I’m on my last pool test strip :grimacing:
Ive been using them to guestimate/verify lately and just using 7.5 ML of ph down like I always did to reach a good number before the pen got wonky, and it’s seemed about right by the strips,. So I can keep doing that for now but def gotta deal with this in the next few days… I don’t like not being sure.

And that second leaf idk O.O it looks way weird. At first glance I thought like fungus or something but I checked it out and it’s nothing that comes off, and underside is fine. It’s weird.

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Happens to everyone at some point if they grow long enough. I’m nearly certain i could run a grow without any meters or testing. But if I ran into issues I’d be screwed without them. That’s just how it goes most of time.


For sure.
For a while I was just testing every once in a while because when I did it daily it was always dialed in; 7.5ml ph down normal feed and 10.5ml if i used silica. But then my tap water changed ha.

Btw, anyone got a good recommendation for a decent priced mid-tier ph pen?
Can’t currently afford the 60$+ ones from apera or bluelabs…
The one that’s acting wonky for me now was from Milwaukee instruments, it was in the 30$ range and worked great the last year or two.
But they’re kinda pissing me off ignoring emails and support questions etc so I’m not feeling inclined to order another from them :unamused:

I’d tag ppl but I don’t remember who my fellow budget buddies are lol


I have 2 apera’s and that’s all I’ve used. I thought the old one took a dump and ordered new. Turned out probe had just dried out and week of soaking in storage solution brought it back to life. I do like the new model better, it’s sx610 or sx620 i think but was in the $60 range if i remember correctly.

Hopefully someone has a good one to recommend that’s a little more budget friendly.

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Damn. My first thought was Oh awesome I can try soaking mine for a week.
Then I remembered it’s got this rubber cap for the end and I refresh the storage solution anytime it looks even a hint cloudy lol so it’s never dried out :confused:

I hope so too, budget is tight lately so I’m cringing at the idea of throwing 50$+ at a new one,. Probably only need a replacement that lasts for a couple months when I’ll be back to being able to throw money at stuff lol but I already know I can’t count on the cheapy 10$ things to give a remotely accurate number.
For ppm I still use those, but PH they could tell me vinegar is neutral or chlorine is battery acid :unamused:

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Me too buddy, me too! Outside of making a drastic change I know what to expect from stuff I use so testing ppm is just a formality. But I still hive her a tip from time to time out of practice.


Yuppp haha. After a thousand buckets of feed water, that parts pretty predictable.
I’ve only used it lately when something seems weird to check the runoff and make sure it’s not like double the water going in.

The pH though I’m still iffy about letting it stick at guesswork cuz I can’t count on the city water being stable :grimacing:
Flower room is happy at the moment just using the same 7.5ml phDown I always used to,.

But it still haunts me not knowing the number :sweat_smile::pleading_face:

@Graysin do you know who my fellow budget buddies are?
My 30$ ph pen finally crapped out and won’t stay calibrated but can’t really afford to order one of the pricey bluelabs or aperas.
But also can’t trust the 10$ Amazon junk pens :persevere:


Best of both worlds. Name brand but budget pricing. It’ll last forever.


I had to close my eyes hitting the button since I was trying to stay way cheap, but I went ahead and hit it lol
The extra 20$ was worth the satisfaction of not giving Milwaukee instruments another 30$.
It worked well the last year or two but their customer service is CRAP :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oh and I’ll text you soon to send you two white weddings,
I took new clones that are currently rooting cuz my procrastinating arse let the previous two get freaken two ft tall :grimacing:
I considered trimming them to fit the shippers but their leaves have gotten so big they’d be just stalks :sweat_smile::sob: