Some help with plants

Are these girls in any condition to try and save or should i start new seeds they have been getting light at the recommend height and light schedule of the grow light. They were all good this morning before I left for work distilled water phed right light on 40% brightness temps in tent where 74 spike 80 once havent been fed nutes yet.i have a intake fan pulling air in and one blowing air around inside. And water when cube gets somewhat dry

They look fine to me

They fell over this afternoon while i was at work my wife came home and saw them layed over

Pot them up in some soil and see what happens. Its a weed and quite hardy.
I bet they come out of t just fine. If not what have you lost?

My only problem is that they are supposed to be rdwc plants

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That’s what my seedlings look like normally.

Dab a pencil hole into some dirt and what them grow.
don’t forget the water. (Not too much, mind you).

Pot them for a few weeks till big enough to move to dwc bucket you can just wash the soil off roots when big enough

Any recommend soil

I used fox farm ocean mixed with some local super soil from a nursery but since it’s only a few weeks the cheapest at Walmart would be fine unless you play to go ahead and grow them in soil

I would just stick them in my net pot personally. One of those does look pretty stretched though what kind of light are you using

Viparspectra p2000

Do i prop them up till they can recover if thats possbile being i had to cut the cubes to check the stem and roots

If they fell over because they have dampened off they might not recover. I use rapid rooters and when it had similar issues I was able to cut a small piece of drinking straw lengthwise then put it over the stem and push it into the plug to hold the seedling up until it healed.

Oh, I would turn your light up some the long stem is most likely your seedling trying top get more light @Ecoboostjunkie11

Thankyou @Gardenguy i turned it up and put starws around the stems of both plants to help support them till they can possibly recover

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Good luck, I hope they pull through for you

Drop those cubes into bigger cubes and put in the netty pots and get the rdwc started. Make sure u soak the rockwool cubes in ph balanced water for a while before u do anything with them to get the ph strait with them. Ph on the cubes are isually really high when i used them i soak them in full strength phd jacks nutes for 20 to 25 mins then ring out a bit with a slight squeeze and work it from there. About 2 weeks old in rock wool cube. Not rdwc but is hydro

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