Some guidance please

GThats great news. :+1:

pH 6.5 is exactly where you want to be. With ocean forest you won’t need nutes for 2 months.

How big do you want the plants to get? When it comes to lighting you’ll need about 35watts per sq foot of growing space if you use quantum boards, quality cobs, or light strips. If you go with amazon blurples lights, cmh, hps you’ll need 50 actual watts/ sq foot.
Good lights aren’t cheap, and they all use electricity. You’ll have to decide how big you want the grow to get. Then we can offer recommendations.
Check out horticulture lighting group
Rapid led
Timber grow lights.

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Update. So it’s been about a week and things are looking better. I decided not to throw away the black potted ones and I may have saved them. The old leaves still show the discoloring but the new ones don’t. I had a question on ph. I used the monitor you put in soil and it’s reading 7.5 but the run off is 6-6.5. Should I stil try to lower it? Here are some before and after pics