Some buds have died

This is where I’m at in my growth cycle. Nothing but buds but some have died. So many questions about not enough water or to much, to add or not to add tiger or big bloom at this point or just trim them up and leave them alone. Any suggestions?


How about close-up pics of dead flower that you are worried about? I don’t see any in the pics you have posted. If you are worried about the leaves, then don’t. It is normal for a plant to start shedding foliage once a plant is well into flowering.


pics are really fuzzy, think I see something brown about 3 o’clock but focused closeup of the areas of concern would help answer your questions.

to nute or not to nute depends on how long they have been flower

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I see some dead leaves but the buds look fine to me :thinking:

And dead or dieing leaves can be plucked off snd it will not hurt the plant one bit.
Infact, its a good idea to remove any dead material, but dead leaves is all i see unless I’m missing something :man_shrugging:


Sorry for not posting sooner. I actually had a dying

branch. I just cut it off and all is well. I have some pretty buds growing.