Solocup/Clone Farm to be continued

Lol i didn’t figure you just up and cold turkey’ed the majic sauce. I couldn’t do it. I was thinking about what it would feel like to be sober but it makes me nervous. Time for a bowl lol. Got a little corner of a keif rock left from the grand wizzard himself lol @Bunger64. Bout to see if i can conjure something up :upside_down_face:.


Chances are good !!!


Good evening Growmies great news Kaptain, Beav and the HotRod thanks for checking in on me. All is good just quiet. Bucked up the 6 hangers 4 still hanging from last night
Transplants are done. My BBP treatment continues I’ve been using since July, I really like my power grinder lol. Amazing the sugar that comes off of these flowers :bouquet:

Mail call thank you @repins12. My B64 is getting closer she’s in with her sister’s, likes the 650R, the SF2000 works sufficiently for the spot but the tent is where its finishing. Almost TGIF. Side note the flower i harvested 2weeks ago. I have sent a couple samples out. I feel this is some of the best I’ve grown. First sample had a positive responce. Saturday will be the one. Lol. This is so much fun lol. :smile:
images - 2024-01-29T175535.657
images - 2024-01-29T175320.471


Einstein knows whats up…I’ve got a lemonade plant thats decided its time to make buds…yay…there’s buds in the growroom again!!! This is a lot more fun than most people would ever believe. Bucket Brigade was ddrrryyyy…never wilted but feather light…went to pick up a bucket to see and almost threw it over my shoilder…dry…got em on GH formula for promix…so quickly mixed a batch and they’re good…I love growing weed but skunkweed will forever hold a special place to me…Fat Bastard has the genes . I’m going to take some pictures after lights out…Hope you’re having a Blast Capt.B…


Goodmorning Brother Beav , always looking for your updates, i had a couple lastnight, im trying to bottom feed but it looks like a couple got missed, not sure how they dont float away, they get so lite. TGIF.
I have a couple of autos that are doing their own thing in veg mode, lights are turned down but they dont care.

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Yep they dont care …mine have been trying to bud for weeks…they are doing it for real now…

Almos 2 wks. since flip, everythings doing the bud stretch…

Hope you have a great day Capt.B…I need to go to the river and get some walleye…but breakfast and a nap sounds pretty good too…Happy Growing


Wow would ya look at that, freaking impressive Brother Beav. Go catch some Walleyes nap sound nice to. Be safe.


Good Evening Capt.B…didn’t make it to the river…think they put valiums in my oatmeal…hhmmmm


Good morning Growmies, little pharming late lastnight had some girls that needed to go they were causing me issues, ive learned that the lighter green plant are more prone to issues. Solocups emptied and pots filled with eager girls.


Good evening Growmies brought some more garden soil in and mixed with my store bought. The 150 press bags i washed gave me some interesting dab material. Was worried it would be like when i washed my flower with the Everclear, yes i rinsed in Everclear but i think the residue left in the bags was a little better. Feeling thats a good results. Now i can cook the pucs for baking.

Another 65 degree day in February, so Tina got to stretch her legs. Joints rolled in wax and Kief. Oh boy starting to be a trend Brothers


Good Evening Capt.B…I sure love them old trucks…were they all blue ??? Ol Blue…I think I had three blue ones…lol…came up with something you would like … Jack Herer crumble…

Blew in on the Pineapple Express…flushed both systems…started to see a potential potassium issue…refilled resevoirs with slightly higher ph…should resolve any issue…Happy Growing


Good day heyyy RusTina
I hear she runs on 50% napthalene and Everclear… Crack 'em 4-barrels womp womp Bwaaaaap you step on er real hard she’ll bark, oh she’s bucking hard, get out the welder


Goodmorning Growmies @RightAway Beav thats some nice looking goodness you have there. Wow.
@Jaysittinback my old girl when we were coming home i was trying to think of a good name to the newest addition. When we talked to my friend from Alabama who sold me the truck that we made it back to NY she got to see her first snow lol. He mentioned the guts wondering where the patina truck went his reply was that Tina was in NY now. Tada Tina it is, my grandmothers name Robertina. Perfect. Beav interesting on the old Blue trucks. My first Bumpside was a 67 from Colorado, i put my 390 in it and a posi rear axel, that was old Henry. Swapped him on to a 4x4 frame. Things to keep me out of trouble. Lol. Always been a builder i guess. We didnt have much growing up learned to make do with what we can come up with.


Wow 2 days what the heck. Guess i was visiting others same old thing here lots of plants, pressed some more goo. Found a male in the flower closet. TEXADA bean was supposed to be feminized so again dont let your guard down.


You spread your self thin,


Nicely done my friend happy growing


Good evening Growmies quick check in,

Hope everyones safe out there i know the east coast was getting snow, we have a no snow globe this yr. February no snow on the ground. Crazy NY weather expected lol.

Semore is getting nice real dark maroon. Couple getting closer that big B64 from the closet is still going, leaves are starting to yellow.

Leaves are getting larger.

Good Evening Kaptain, hoping your on the mend, @kaptain3d



Howdy Capt B…love the :owl:…Brother you’ve got some fat dank bud porn goin on over there…waiting patiently for the day to come…Fat Future Forest is living up to its name…im in the market for a 3’ step ladder…getting hard to weave the canopy…Bucket Brigade has taken leaps forward…should make some fine colas…gotta net a couple of them…I also had a male in this batch of feminized seeds…better that than a hermie…hope everything is great with you…Happy Growing


Yes just missed ya over yonder, freaking amazing BrotherBeav. Cola Forest Wow.
Theres a couple interesting girls coming in, always exciting. I found a male in my closet this morning. Feminized seed nope. Texada but i have 3 others that are doing what they’re supposed. You know it makes merelax to much thinking that just because they are Feminized doesn’t mean crap cant happen, have been there before. I have the handful of Regs going in veg i dont want to transplant yet still showing horns, but they are tricksters.