Soil PH too low can anyone help?

I have the tent in the basement boiler room, we’ve been going through a heat wave and we’re expecting 100 degree weather tomorrow. I installed an a/c and set temps to 70 degrees, the room is usually 71-72 degrees. I went ahead and purchased a dehumidifier but the one I bought came defective out the box (70 pint). Other then that can the curled leaves be over watering?

Yes they can.

I’m pretty sure the leaves that curled up are from wind burn, I realized it’s only the ones in front of my fans. Other then that this is how she looks after following the feeding schedule you recommended.

She needs a trim ASAP! I’m thinking about purchasing a net for scrog, what are your thought on that?


I use them and like them but not convinced yields are any higher.

Good Morning sir, so i performed another slurry test today and got a reading of 40 ppm. I’m pretty sure i can up my nutrient from 750 to about 900-100 ppms. Before I do i wanted to ask lol. I also added a trellis net and I’m thinking of putting her into flower by next weekend. Again I want to thank you for all your help.

What did you end up doing to fix the problem? I am having the same issue right now.