Soil Mix and Amendment help

I think I am going to go with peat pots to start the seeds, then I wanted to transplant to a good soil. I checked out fox farms, but am thinking ordering enough of these soils delivered is going to be really expensive, so I am hoping to develop a good soil blend for this purpose.
My Proposed Solution after researching**
Base Potting Soil

1/3 Fruit/Vegetable compost (organic)
1/3 75% Perlite 25% Vermiculite mixed
1/3 Coconut Coir

Amendments For Grow Soil (Added to above mix)

50% Base Potting Soil
25% Worm Castings
25% Crushed Pumice
–Per Instructions on labels
Dolumite Lime
Bone Meal

Does this sound correct? Are the amendment %'s correct? What should the Dolumite and Bone meal amounts be? Should I add anything else?


Bat guano, fruit vs insect, have a use as well. Dolomite lime would be on the order of 1/4 cup or so as a buffer.

My advice is to purchase a prepared soil like FF as a lot of problems occur with homemade soil.

Thanks. I think I ordered some bat guano. I checked out the fox farms soil and thought it was way expensive. I hope this works. I read somewhere that for auto flowering varieties I could use 3 gal pots rather than 5 gallon. Which would be better 3 or 5? That directly impacts the amount of soil needed. Thank you.

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@garrigan62 is your man for soil. I’ll let him weigh in on that.

As to pot size; how big is your grow space including available height and what lighting are you using? Indica dominant autos I’m guessing but remember grow times and heights and yields are only a guideline. You are going to need to plan on some height unless you want to restrict the height (which you can do partly with pot size). Big pots mean big plants and big yields. 3 is the standard but 5’s and 7’s will grow a bigger plant.

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Bigger is better and when I grew mine I grew them in 10 gal cloth pot.


Thanks. I’m glad now that I ordered 5’s in addition to the 3’s.

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