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Growing marajuana has advantages and disadvantages like anything anymore but the fastest and most economical way to grow weed is ? Let’s have a vote on it who’s in

I have just been growing marajuana now for four months reading a lot as really gave me more experience

Reading my tutorials on growing weed i :heart: growing marajuana how to grow marajuana for beginners how to grow marajuana indoors in a small space from start to finish are good Han books to read

When I first got on this site the members told me read read read

But to always have a stash at hand all year around without having to buy a quad ounce the growers have invented ways to make the growing process faster

Everybody is untitled to there own oppinions but what is the fastest way to grow weed?

If you grow for own personal space grow for for dispensaries grow for tour moms health issue we want to make it quicker

Soil growing is really slow if been exspiering that on my first grow with led lights really fucking slow and I’m using a led light for which makes it even slower

There is no cookie cutter method as everyone’s style and environment will be different.

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the next grow I will do I want to speed up this process a little bit more I want to get some ideas on it

@fixapower thanks iv read that book a lot of times though

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@MidwestGuy iv read that tutorial every night for past seven days now I need something different now

@MidwestGuy thanks man for your input

Laboratory environment,
Accurate kelvin and light intensity
precise feeding.
proper spacing, planter size, and pruning.

Or throw some seeds on the ground and run because somebody may be watching…

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@shatter that’s true throw some seeds on the ground and run lol


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IMO a perpetual grow with a mother plant puking clones out to an ebb and flow table. Here’s why:

Clones are rooted for 2 weeks then flipped to 12/12 and flower out. You can almost harvest every 3 months.


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