Soil drainage issues

Is it possible to have soil that has to much drainage.


Maybe… what are you using? I would think if it drains too much, there may not be enough soil in it (unless you are using coco)


Yes. The soil needs to retain water for the plants to use. The soil should still be damp the day after watering.

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Possibly, personally I would like that. Gives you the ability to increase the frequency and good drainage is a must for run off and rinsing the salts away from the previous feeding :love_you_gesture:



I am using Ocean Forest organic potting soil.

@Msgski dis you add to much perlite or something? What makes you think it’s ‘too fast’?

You’ll be fine with that even if you added some extra perlite. You may want to slow down when watering. I don’t just dump the water all at once. I give one plant a little, go to the next then come back and give a little more, repeat until all watered. Some people use a wetting agent but, personally, I just water slower.