Soil and nutrients

Indoor set up in 24"x48"x60" tent. With hlg lights and an ac infinity.
Best soils suggestions?
No miracle grow…
If I use fox farm ocean forest, what nutrients should I be buying ? And what do I need to test and make sure the soil is holding the correct amounts?

I’ve always grown in Happy Frog, as it is less hot. I use the Fox Farm trio as well, but there are a lot of Jack’s 321 fans.

You can ensure proper nutrient levels by getting a PPM (EC, TDS) meter.

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Is there a reason you want to use soil, as opposed to soilless? If you’re comfortable with fertigation and buying instruments to test things, soilless is a really great way to go.

I’m dead set against using ionically available nutrients in soil. Instead, prepare the soil with organic amendments to carry it through the entire grow. I layer with a mixture of ocean forest and happy frog, plus lots of organic amendments. I have not had any issues going water only for an entire grow.

Soil is not like soilless; soil will adsorb and absorb nutrients from your synthetic solution. You cannot predict what it’s going to take, and analysis requires expensive lab equipment.

If you plan on relying on ionic nutrients eventually, just start there and stick with ProMix, which doesn’t have the same adsorption and absorbtion properties as an organic soil like happy frog.


@KeystoneCops , I am super limited on space. So I have the plan to use the “space buckets” in a small closet for veg, and a grow tent for flowering. I gave up half of my home office for the space to put the tent.
Once we find a bigger place, my grow space size will increase for sure, and I fully intend on trying my hand in hydro.

@MidwestGuy , I’m following Hellraiser’s grow journal. I think I’m gonna try that out when I start. I’m overly impatient for july. I’ve got 80% of my set up done. Just waiting on lights now to finish set up… Then wait until July 1… :grin:

Hellraiser is a great grower.


Thanks for the advice!

Growing in a soilless medium like ProMix takes up the same amount of space as a soil grow.

edit: Actually, you can use smaller containers when using soilless as opposed to water-only soil.


Growing in brand new FFOF is a tad tricky. It will kill your seeds off real fast. Better off starting with FFHF soil first. I have lost count how many seeds died in my one 15 gallon fabric bag with brand new FFOF. At least 25 seeds so far. I even buffered the top with FFHF and its still to damn hot.

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Given the amount of “forestry biproducts” aka sawdust in all these premium soils, I question their worth at all. I’m leaning towards building soil based on ProMix and amendments.


Don’t get me wrong…I love growing in FFOF. I am trying to deplete the nutrients but no plants are making to the surface. I am a die hard fan of Fox Farms. I have 1 bag depleted and I have started using the entire Dirty Dozen with also Wholly Mackerel and Kelp me, Kelp you.

I get this soil depleted and the Fall Grow cycle I am going to use one pot for FF and the other will be Jacks 321 aide by aide. It will be the same atrain. See which one performa the best for me. :+1::+1::+1:

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I have 9 plants growing in ffof that are doing great I know it’s hot but I added peat and perlite. They’ll be transplanted outside in a greenhouse I’ve been making my own soil in. Hopefully it’s not too hot.

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This Northen Lights Auto started in this 5 gallon fabric bag FF Ocean Forest 31 days ago.


This is what I use mixed with worm casings, mykos and a lil bone meal. Get it at Walmart for $13

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That’s not the same ProMix I was referring to, but it’s from the same company. Can you post the ingredients?