Soaking Seeds before planting

I had two seeds that failed to germinate (initially) and appeared quite sickly when they finally sprouted (in rapid rooters). Prematurely, I put two more beans to soak in distilled water. Now 24 hours later the initial seeds are recovering and doing ok. Can I take the seeds out of the water after 12 hours and re-store them or should I proceed to germinate them also even if I have no room for them? Thanks very much.

once they get wet, the process starts, I would germinate them, grow them for 2 weeks, and go plant them in the woods for a natural grow…


Hey thanks. I guess I just needed a second opinion because I sort of knew I was committed. Since I am in a legalized state and my buddy is a licensed caregiver, I think I will donate the seedlings to him (since he is giving me 3 clones for the backyard). Thanks again.


@Ron330 is right, i f moisture gets through the seed’s outer casing a plant will start growing…the water starts reactions inside…to withhold water now would kill it.