So the longer the veg period the bigger the yield plant

The longer in veg the bigger buds. I’m i correct. Same thing for.lights right? The more watts and hours of light the more.bigger it gets.

Running a longer veg cycle will lead to more growth, yes. But it will likely give you more bud sites, not necessarily bigger buds. Bud size will be determined by genetics and conditions during the flowering cycle.

There is a saturation point on how much light you use in a given space. It is good to match your wattage to the size of your grow room, otherwise you will be wasting money. Your plant also needs more CO2 to absorb higher amounts of light.


Co2 for.veg or flower

Added CO2 is really only effective (i.e., worth the $$) if you really have your temps & ventilation set-up for it.


plan to maximize and dial in every aspect of your grow before adding co2

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Both veg and flower can benefit from CO2 if used right, with the right conditions around the plant like @blackthumbbetty notes.

What about the 20-4 hour light schedule, can’t you harvest much quicker like that??

You can’t effectively flower with much more than 12/12. 20/4 could help veg faster, but 18/6 appears to be the sweet spot for veg.

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This is doable and allows the plant to have some dark cycle. Nutrient transport happens during this period to be stored in the roots and much active growth happens at this point too. I have used a 16/8 light cycle in veg for a couple of years now. Of course; auto flowering plants don’t need (usually) to have lights set for 12/12 to start the flowering process like photoperiod plants do.

Other things like training (top, fim and supercrop, lst, mainlining, SCROG etc) are used to help increase the surface area and the number of bud sites on the plant. Done correctly and given enough time, you can get some astounding yields from your indoor plants. My advice is to focus on the “best bang for the buck” stuff and not worry so much about small additions like your gas mix. Light, air movement, temp, humidity are all of much more primary concern and usually takes a bit of time to dial in (like a grow or two).


When do male seeds turn in pollen in veg or flowering. and to get pollen do you need to put them in 12/12 after veg.Want more seeds to cross-border and clone thanks

What are you wanting to know?

@irman1010 - take a read through these guides and download the grow bible. They all have detail on what you are asking about. It is not an overwhelming read.