So I found a nanner today

I just found a nanner nnooo. Ok I know it’s not the end of my plant since I’m only a couple weeks out of harvest. It’s Bruce banner #3 soil indoor been in flower 72 days and it is located at the tip top of the tallest cola. What should I do remove that section with the nanner or leave it be at this point? Thanks again you all are great and very helpful with your knowledge :+1:

Just clip off the nanner, I had same thing happen with my Bruce banner autos. Ended up harvesting at around 80 days from sprout and didn’t find any seeds in the bud. Be sure to sterilize your cutters. Happy growing!

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Spray with water, then clip the nanner. Spraying will help prevent pollin from going everywhere. Look out for more to pop up. Maybe back off light a tad.