So confused

I bought 10 White Widow seeds from Robert in July and have been taking them one at a time to attempt to grow - the first 3 started seedlings and then died - actually I’m pretty sure I didn’t have them deep enough in the soil and they literally were sitting on top. The 4th one didn’t even germinate. So I have been reading and trying to not waste any more seeds but honestly I am very confused. I mean its a weed! Why is this so hard???
Can someone give me some tips on just growing a basic plain old plant? I know I won’t get maximum yield and all that, but I should be able to just grow a seed in a pot with some water and light and call it good (for a start) right?

(I am not a very attentive gardener to begin with so adding nutrients and timing and all of this other stuff just confuses me :()

Seedlings are most often killed by beginners by one of two things, or a combination of the two. Over watering and adding nutrients too soon. The seedlings won’t need any nutrients right away as they kinda have a bunch already in the “embryonic leaves” or cotyledon, you can kinda think of it like the egg yolk in an egg that feeds the embryo to become the baby chicken. This allows the plant to develop a root system and a few true leaves before it really needs to have nutrients added. Too strong of nutrients could kill young delicate developing roots. It is very important to have a lot of air or oxygen at the roots, soil that is too wet too long will develop an anaerobic environment low on oxygen and the wrong kinds of fungi and bacteria kill off the young seedlings at the root causing damping off.

Stop Damping Off On Marijuana Seedlings Now!

As far as long term is considered and if you don’t want to learn complicated nutrient systems and schedules, then maybe you want to look into something called “the lucas method”. It is a strait forward steady low dose feeding schedule that is the same every feeding so you don’t have to adjust mixtures at different times. It is done most simply using General Hydroponics’ Flora Nova Bloom at a relatively low dose the entire grow, one part, one thing to mix with your water and feed. I’m sure something similar can be done with our marijuana booster, but our booster’s schedule is laid out in a very easy to follow schedule for optimal results.

Its not even that I don’t want to learn that stuff, its just I’d like to atvleat grow a plant before trying to add that stuff. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

A plant needs food, you can’t expect it to live off the nutrients in the soil of its container for a full grow. You will want to add nutrients after the plant has developed a few full sets of leaves. Also you can’t expect a seedling to survive in rich potting soil, you need to take the right steps at the right time, start the seedling in a seedling mix, soil or soilless media like peat plugs or coco fiber and later transplant into a larger container with richer potting soil.

The Staff here at ILGM are committed to helping all growers acheive terrific results growing Marijuana. We are here to help you. We never want to be negative, or insult a member, customer, etc…

However; If you are not willing to put forth the effort to learn basic plant care, and how to apply nutrients at the proper PH, (both of which are absolutely essential to achieve some sort of success; It will be hard for us to help you out.

We would love to wave a Magic wand, and tell you that there is this Secret passage way to growing large healthy high yielding Cannabis plants without much effort or commitment; But; that would be a fairy tale.

Best advice I can give is: Download and rwad the free grow bible. You do not need to memorize the entire thing at 1st, but you can at least study it and stay a step ahead of the grow. it is up to you. You get back , what you put into growing; Whether it be Cannabis; Or, Tomatoes.

I just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents here.Jess,when I started growing all I did was germinate the seeds and once they had popped I made a 1 inch deep hole with a pencil in the soil,put in a germinated seed and cover it up with soil and give it a misting of water.As far as watering I’d spray a fine mist of water on the soil every few days.Within a week all the plants were at least an inch high.

Good advice about the mist.

I’ve also got a penny’s worth to share. I was misting my seedlings when I apparently overpowered one of them with the spray. After that, I misted around and above, never straight at the plant.

LOL/ I have done that. I only mist around the base of the plant now. If under fluoros I may mist the whole cabinet, but not directly at the little ones. :smiley:

Put that in my written diary …thanks guys even though it was not my question , but it’s vital information .

I’m glad I saw this … I don’t want to over-water and kill my babies before they have a chance to grow. I’m starting them in a seedling potting mix in the center of regular potting mix in large containers, same with a couple I put in the ground. I am going to start using the mist setting on my hose nozzle. Yikes … I hope I haven’t already drowned my seeds!