Smart pot don't think this should be happening

I need some help with my girls as I get home from work i go to feed my girls I noticed that on two of them the roots or growing out of the smart pot?

Any recommendation on wat to do about that?

Mine are doing the same. I am thinking to go with 7 gallon outside.

I am using a 15 gal for my clone and a 7 gal for the auto northern lights

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How big is your …Smartoy ? You don’t say


Itz a 15 gal for the clone and 7 gal for the ww

i am not real sure, so do a little research .i tried to use search engine (this forums) but didn’t find what i was looking for …ive not used them ,as i hydro , But i read on this forum some place that you let them air prune them selves …if iam understanding it correctly, you simply allow the roots to grow out of the Smart Pot .and over time they will drie out and fall away … … will see if i can get @Aquaponic_Dumme to look into this …he is a information kinda person …well read .but does hydro as well …but seems to have a wealth of info… Hammer

Could I get you to post a picture?

@Pollo831 see the above post by Dumme …Hammer


In short, you’re probably rootbound…

In depth…
Plants use the hormone “Auxin” to determine direction of growth. Auxtin is found everywhere within a plant starting from new growth and regulates growth speed, based on light intensity. Auxins always moves away from light. This is where stretching comes in, and, the bend in plants to move toward light. And here’s how it works:

Imagine a flower in a sunny window. The side of the plant with the most light always seems to face the light. If you turn the plant, you can watch as the plant will reorient itself toward the light again.
This is because, as the light shines and slowly the Auxin moves to the shady side of the plant and promotes growth, while the sunny side, with less Auxin, stops or slows growth. In doing so, the plant will slowly bend toward th light.

With under growth, or low intensity lighting, Auxin will trigger faster growth equally and stretching will occur in the internode space, causing a greater distance.

This is the same with root tips. Root tip growth have Auxin, and always grow away from light. If a root is exposed to light, Auxin retreats and thr root will slow or stop in growth.

I’m assuming where you sarted pot were kept, it was in a fashion where it had a lot of shade. Even then, with the smart pot designed to hold the roots, it would take a lot of force to get the roots to grow through the material.

If possible, I think she’s ready for a transplant to a bigger smart pot.

Hope this helps

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