Smart led driver

@dbrn32 started looking into new led drivers, found this on digi key. Got one on the way but do you think this would be an option for hlg 260 xl v2/rspec?

parallel or in series? that is the question

CDB260W-1300-280-W - is the one i have on the way

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This model has maximum output current of 1300ma?

At 260 watts

It won’t make that kind of power with 288 boards. They’ll only run like 50-52v or so at that current. 52x1.3 is not quite 68 watts per board.

Factory drivers for thise boards are usually between 2-2.5amps.

Ah too bad… still got one heading this way. Really want a smart driver to link the Bluetooth to home assistant

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Have you looked for any interface components that are controlled via Bluetooth? I haven’t really messed with this stuff, but I’m sure its out there.

I have but I’d prefer it to be a single unit built into the driver rather than another wire a dozen drivers into 3 or 4 Bluetooth dimners


That makes sense. I have moved on from digging through lighting components on a daily basis, but I’ll let you know if I come across anything.


I appreciate that. Been looking for a Bluetooth/wireless dimming driver for a bit

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