Smaller plants, some kind of necrosis

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m a first time grower and i’m facing some issues with my plants. I have 2 plants (critical+) in a 2.6inchx2.6incx5.2inch grow tent with a 250w hps light and both of the plants are growing in soil.
One of my plants is much smaller than the other (they were both germinated and put into soil in the same time), the colour is lighter and has some kind of necrosis in some of the leafs.
The other is much bigger and bushier but darker in colour and also has some of the necrosis one some of the leafs.
But the bigger one, now is also showing some signs of “claws” in the leafs.
I already flushed the smallest one because oh the PH values that were high (in the beginning) but now, both of them, when i water them, give me a runoff water oh 6.4, 6.5.
I really don’t know what is causing the necrosis and some leaf deformities in the smallest plant and the dark color in the biggest.

Strain (type, bag seed): Critical +
Soil in pots, hydroponic, or coco?: Soil in pot
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?: PH runoff 6.4 and 6.5 respectively
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: NA (yet)
Indoor or outdoor: Indor
Light system, size?: HPS 250W
Temps day, night: Day - 23º 24º Night - 15º 16º
Humidity day, night Day - 45% Night 50%
Ventilation system (yes/no, size): Yes 125m3 per hour
AC, humidifier, de-humidifier?: Humidifier
Co2 (yes/no): No

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Hello and welcome to ILGM

To be honest with you your plants look just fine from what i see.


you don’t say you are feeding them so what type soil are they in? something with fertilizers in it already?

Hi, i didn’t feed them with anything yet because i didn’t receive my PPM meter. The soil their are in is soil for indoor plants (roses or something like that) that already had a nice ratio of nutrients. But, i was overzealous and mixed that soil with some worm humus. I believe that mix made the soil to strong in terms of nutrients. That is why i flushed the smallest plant in the first place. I suspected it to have a iron deficiency.
But the biggest one didn’t show the same signs.
I ca give you more detailed photos (closeups) of the deformed leafs and of the leafs that have the necrosis… Again, any help is much appreciated !!!

Hello Will, thank you for your reply…
Here is the thing, the soil their are in is soil for indoor plants (roses or something like that) that already had a nice ratio of nutrients. But, i was overzealous (noob) and mixed that soil with some worm humus. I believe that mix made the soil to strong in terms of nutrients.
Like i said, i can had more photos with closeups of the damaged leafs…
Both plants were put in that soil mix on the 21st December but the biggest one went into veg about two weeks ago while the smallest one entered in veg about a week ago.
Again, any help is much appreciated.

@garrigan62 is a master at diagnosing now that you gave him some info, probably too much N from the castings…they aren’t dead so you made them stronger…top the larger one to let the smaller catch up.

Hello Kabongster, thank for your answer…
I did topped them both a while ago… and pruned them also… maybe i need to prune the biggest a little bit more so that the nutrients are better absorbed…
Like i said, i can provide more pics (closeups) of the leafs and of the plants themselves… anything that might help me get a diagnose…

Thanks in advance for all the help


Check your new growth how dose it ok ?
If they look ok I beleive you’ll be ok
The plants will grow throught it and be fine.
You see seedlings carry their own nutrients for growth but as they grow into vegg they need help with nutrents.
You said one was in vegg for two weeks now and the other one . One week. So for now just water every 3rd day and let’s see how they do ok ?


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Thank you very much for all the help. I am keeping a close eye on them but some of the new growth is also showing some small necrosis.
Here are some closeups of the symptoms.
Has soon as my PPMM meter arrives i will check the values to get a better understanding of things.
Meanwhile i will just keep watering them with tap water ph´d down to 4.4 so that the runoff water comes out at 6.4-6.5. I´ve been doing this for the last 2 weeks. Again, i´m a nob and i didn´t had all the things requiered.

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I have been on this for some time now and i need you to check your leaves and tell me what you find. I hope you have some kind of magnifying glass . I have a sneeky feeling about this just look and tell me what you find ok
Please do this ok
I’ll be waiting you reply


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looks like it might be burning because of the light. how high above your canopy do you have your light? @rafaelbatalha

Did you spray them with anything I forgot to ask in my last post.


I was thinking the same thing… especially those glossy green leaves!

Hello Will,
I didn’t sprayed them with anything, in fact i have even removed the dehumidifier since i was afraid that the humidity was condensanting on the leafs and causing light burns.

I’ve looked at the plants today, like i said, and found nothing regarding bugs or droppings… resign glands on the leafs were forming and seemed healthy.
I’ve even looked at some of the necrosis on one of the leafs and it only appeared to be burnt… Nothing that indicated bite marks.

I watered them today with tap water at 5.1ph and the smallest plant gave me a runoff of 6.7 and the biggest 6.5.

Now, in terms of Ph values, everything seems stable.
Gave the biggest one a trimm as it was a bit bushy and the bottom branches that had leafs, weren’t gone make it to the canopy.


I think that the glossy look you see is because of the flash when i took the pictures. They are not that “shiny”… Just a darker shade of green comparing to the smallest

Hi everyone,
Just to give you an update on the situation.
The smallest plant is showing good signs of growth. I´ve trimmed it a bit, like i said, on saturday, and watered it and she is showing signs of growth and no signs of necrosis or discoloration. In fact, it is now almost the same height as the other and bushy but not so wide. But still, it looks good.

The biggest one is showing signs of growth also but still is showing some signs of descoloration and necrosis. I´ve also watered it on saturday (at 5.1ph for both) but it still has some signs of clawing also.

Still concerned about this one. I even raised the light bulb and it has been at 70cm (27.5inch) above the canopys since saturday.
But they are still growing wich is hopefull. I´ll keep you updated.


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