Small Veg. Room Upgrade

This is before and after pictures of an Amour converted to a CLF nursery to a all 54 watt, 6500K T5’s. ((4) X 8" and (2) x 36’. Chamber now runs 10 degrees F cooler and a hell of a lot brighter.
By the way: first set of 5 White Widow clones (on top shelf) now 4 days in soil. Yeah!
This will make my set-up consisting of an Amour 2’ x 3’ x 51/2’ cloning chamber. An Amour 2’ X 3’ X 51/2’ Veg. Chamber and in between a 4’ x 4’ x 71/2’ Bloom Chamber with twin 2’ x 3’ x 21/2’ shelves (alcoves) with a 600 watt HPS/MH lighting system and a 180 watt Apollo LED UFO.
All but a pass thru flange and sheet metal for the flame / explosion enclosure and the CO 2 system will be in play. Redundant safety features well planned.
CO2Installation Advice: install this equipment in an environment such as a green house, away from any combustable materials. All engineering principles must be fully understood, addressed and appropriate measures taken to prevent combustible gas build-up in the entire system Carbon Monoxide safety level monitor with relay for system shutdown feature. The entire CO2 system is isolated fro the house using a outside air / CO2 mix Infeed duct and Carbon Filtered discharge duct to the outside. Here is a pick of the main chamber (set to Bloom 12/12) 2 weeks in.

Not bad! :mrgreen: