Small plant folding or even dying

Hi there experts,
We have a customer who has an issue with their grow.

They planted the seed in coco and perlite. Led lights, then spray the plant with water. Added plant food every other day.

But the small plant is like folding. Dying, anyone have an idea what might be happening?

Grow information:

  • Strain: Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized
  • Light type & schedule: LED lights. I turn on about 7 am turn off at 9 pm. I was putting the light at medium brightness. Just started putting on brightest
  • Temperatures day & night: about 75
  • Humidity day & night: I think 50 night.
  • Ventilation: I have forced air heat.
  • AC: no ac to cold now
  • Humidifier: no
  • De-humidifier: no
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Sounds like it might be over watering, but a picture would help us help you.

This is far too often.