Small grow of northern lights,white widow

thought i would share some pic’s of smallest grow

Born on april 1st greenhouse grown only 9 wks until flowering thanks for allowing me to share and as a member of ILGM 2 are white widow 2 northern lights, organic soil,PH 7.2 miracle grow once week,big bloom once week not my best grow but will continue next season


Looks great! I am also growing outdoors in 5, 7, and 10 gallon buckets.
I suggest getting some stakes or tomato cages on them to protect from wind snap.

I’m sure everybody is wondering, What’s in the tent?

thank you,for your comment these plants were started in april and I had to baby them under florescent lights for 6 weeks,the weather in the mountains changes constantly.I"m looking at the smart bag’s for next year.the 5 gallon buckets are full of root balls.So what’s in the tent? this was just a staging partner and I started out with a tent full,we finished up a much larger greenhouse to see them through the end,i kept these my self,it’s hard to run mash and tend to these plant’s the white widow are starting to get bushy and I still have around 10 week’s until flower will try and post finish product

I’ll bet it’s fun to sit on your porch on Friday and Saturday nights in the fall! :crazy_face::tumbler_glass:

it’s the best feeling to relax and enjoy a sip or too while tasteing your own grow and there’s no one around for miles,i live so far deep in the mountains I have my own zip code ( just kidding) we hold pickin and a grinning after a little smoke and a taste and every one has gun’s I love the high life::sunglasses: