Slurry Test Results

I just took samples from the root area of my remaining plant to check pH, as I’ve had a lot of problems with it. The pH was fine for all three samples, but I did notice that my PPM was <300 for all 3 samples. Should the PPM from the slurry test = your desired PPM?

The ppm being so low is an indication that they are hungry. How long ago did you feed them?

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The slurry test is for more accurate pH. Not so much for ppms/tds.

Fed to 900 PPM runoff 3 days ago.

I’ve used the slurry test for ph and to check my ppm. What is your feed/water schedule. I feed then water and repeat. If I was going into a water day at 300ppm I’d be concerned. I may feed again at a little higher rate then come back with a water. I feed or water about every third day with this group of plants.

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It’s fine for ppms, you just have to wait 12+ hours for a good reading.

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Cool. I still have my samples.