Slower progress of one plant compared to the other

Hey can anyone give advice I’m a beginner here are 2 cheese autos and they were the same size 3days ago the are 40days old they are getting canna A-B I gave them PK13/14 3days ago and the plant on the left is progressing great but the other seems behind they get 24/0 light and I also give them super thrive I had some problems with that plant in veg it was jaundice looking but I have been giving it ph water at about 6.0 6.3 it’s nice and green now but still it’s a lighter shade of green to the other one will it catch up to the other one in it’s own time or could it be a problem moulding it back.

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Even tho they the same strain, they do grow different sometimes. Just like kids, same parents but different size kids.
No need to worry
Have u checked ur ph run off?


They look good! Idt that size difference is anything to worry about. If that plant continues to stay that size in a week or two then I’d start to question it.

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What is your soil? What are your feed and runoff pH and PPMs? Everything needs to be controlled and it sound like something is off between the two.


Is one more centered under the light then the other?