Skywalker OG dead branche

I saw a dead small branche with black spots on the buttom any idea? Its normal or something bad. And it stretch too much, light is very good it is normal if she do that?
1.Skywalker OG, NA
2. Organic soil
3.fabric pot 20 gallon
4. Ph 6.2, only water 120ppm, NA
5. Organic fertiliser used on top of ground( 4 3 3

  • all micro nutrient + calmag) + fruit and flower
    and root booster organic once evry 15 days
    diluted in water
  1. Outdoor
  2. SUN
  3. DAY 25 C, NIGHT 18 C
  4. Humidity not stable between 50 to 80
  5. No
  6. No
  7. No

Looking good imo, if your in a hot climate area, plants tend to stretch for better airflow, mine do that , the branch well :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: happens lol!!


I am affraid that affect bud size or harvest. I missed the second topping

This thing is getting worse in 2 other spots


Dont want to lose this one like the other

Im here… get your self some Hydrogen Peroxide and spray it on the infected area this should kill the fungus


I used at a percent or full strength?