Size of plant from IGLM

When IGLM sez plant size is compact, medium, tall what is the average height of these plants?

Depends on the strain and the amount of tine u veg it before switching to flower or if its autoflower then it depends on how happy u keep it before it decides to flower

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I realize that but in the seed section it uses the terms compact, medium & tall. I think they mean unaltered growth & I just wondered what they meant & its mentioned on alot of the strains? Robert if your reading this stuff whatdaya mean?

How big is a XL pop , it depends. I would say 1’-2.5’ is small, 2.5’-5’ Med., and 5’- and up large . You have to consider growing environment also . Out door plants get much bigger.

Thanks, I wanted to start an Orange Bud plant & it just said compact. I’d like to do some bending & twisting & what ever to it. The last (an my first) grow I started to LST maybe too early on white widow auto and wound up with a very short plant that came out O.K. but could have been alot better. I’ll learn but it’ll take a while, it’s a great hobby in retirement (or anytime) but I need to learn when not to & when to stress the plants. I’ve read & re-read everything I can about it just need to apply it correctly. I was in the C.W.A. not the brotherhood of electrical workers but close. One state over an I woulda been.

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Next time just take a pic and ask . Many good brothers are on here to help. Your plant can take a ton of stress if she is healthy to begin with.

Alot has to do with growing environment to right so they are saying how good of a grower it is.
While I might grow a small plant in hydro it might be a large genetic for you in soil for the same results…
Everything’s relative man, trippy…like far out😂