Sitting here stoned and started thinking about the Drake equation

Sitting here stoned watching the tube, something about UFOs, and I started thinking about the Drake equation and the fact that nobody can plug into it any kind of realistic numbers. So I figured I’d come up with a simpler equation that you could actually plug some numbers into and I came up with this. Then I plugged in numbers that I thought were reasonable and I came up with the answer of 5 :exploding_head: which is probably not too far off from reality.

X = A x B x C x D x E

X = The number of planets with intelligent life in our galaxy

A = The number of G type suns in the Milky Way galaxy (2,000,000,000)

B = The percentage of G type suns that have a planet in the Goldilocks zone

C = The percentage of planets in the Goldilocks zone that are conducive to carbon based life

D = The percentage of planets conducive to carbon based life that actually have life

E = The percentage of planets that have life that also have intelligent life

Here are the numbers I used for those of you that know a little math. (2e9 is 2 billion and the approximate number of stars in the Milky Way that are like ours):

X = 2e9 x .25 x .01 x .1 x .00001

Plug in your own numbers and see what you come up with.


It’s an interesting question that bothers a lot of people smarter than me. You also need to factor in time. As it’s likely that other life has developed sentience but if it was 2 million years ago we’d never know (unless they were 2 million lightyears away).


I thought about time I don’t think it matters. I think the answer is that there are a few intelligent species in the galaxy at any given time. By the time one dies out another one springs up. Like us for instance. We’ve only been around for a few hundred thousand years, that’s a drop in the bucket for the lifetime of the galaxy. New G type stars will form as ones like ours grow old and die. This doesn’t take into account a few that get to high technology and stabilize their civilization so that it doesn’t die but they are probably rare. Like the one’s visiting us. I wonder if they’re going to just sit by and watch us destroy this planet. I wouldn’t. The question is what will they do :flying_saucer: :flying_saucer: :flying_saucer:

Assume they have something like Star trek’s prime directive and they would be legally bound to watch us fri ourselves.

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Curious, what strain created this thread? Might like to grow it.

Id tackle the Drake issue if i could just figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Inquiring minds want to know


Normally I avoid the off topic threads as stoners by nature can go down some deep rabbit holes. But I just had to chime here.

Time is unavoidable in the equation as it’s sooo mind boggling big. Time is the only thing as vast as space imo. Billions of years. We’ve been here 150,000+-…. And I wouldn’t wager on us making it another 10000 let alone 50. And that’s just a drop in a bucket. If civilizations go thru more or less the same ‘technological advances’ {e.I. Fire, Transportation, Cities (society centers), then on and on to star travel} then chances are most intelligent species eventually destroy themselves…. The Great Filter… as depressing as that maybe, I truly believe at a certain point, it’s practically unavoidable.


What brought this on is a combination of dispensary Deeziva T25.9 and a lifelong fascination with aliens and UFOs.

I am truly tired of hearing about the chicken and egg question. The answer is known, obvious, and simple. Every chicken came from an egg. The first chicken also came from an egg. It just wasn’t laid by a chicken, it was laid by some thing that was nearly a chicken. This answer should be obvious to everyone except those that don’t believe in evolution.


I think time matters.

Time is everything.

We need it to know WHEN as well as where we are.

Hence the expression “space time”.


Fermi’s Paradox?

…and I thought the answer was always 42?

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Recent news states that time didn’t work the same in the early universe. I thought that’s interesting.


I just ordered for the first time ever from Amazon. A chicken and an egg, we shall see which comes first finally. :thinking:


Lmao! Please report back with your findings. Finally someone with actual hands on experience in the question


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